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Mission Statement: The Brandeis Human Rights Advocacy Program (HRAP) works actively with other non-profits and stakeholders in the community to advance the human rights of immigrants, refugees and noncitizens. Human Rights are defined broadly and inclusively although historic advocacy has focused on health care, access to education, access to services (e.g., legal, medical, vocational), and language access. The HRAP provides sustained and funded opportunities for law students to gain subject matter expertise, leadership skills, and community engagement in these areas. It works synergistically with community organizations and seeks to agitate for policies and frameworks that embrace and actualize human rights.

The HRAP funds student fellows for each of their three years in law school and is co-directed by Brandeis School of Law Professors Enid Trucios-Haynes and JoAnne Sweeny. Brandeis Law Professor Jamie Abrams is a co-founder and former co-director of the program.

The HRAP has published various materials for the community, such as a comprehensive resource guide identifying all of the organizations that serve the immigrant/noncitizen/refugee community and a comprehensive needs assessment identifying unmet needs, challenges, and opportunities to serve the community better.

The HRAP has planned and hosted relevant, timely programs for the community, such as a program on women and children at the borders and a program on the Syrian Refugee Crisis. It has also participated collaboratively to present at other bar association and community events.

The human rights fellows were generously funded by a grant from the Louisville Bar Foundation and funds provided by the Samuel L. Greenebaum Public Service Program of the Brandeis School of Law in the spring of 2014. As such, it was originally named the LBF/Greenebaum Human Rights Fellowship. In the spring of 2015, the Program received funding through the admissions office of the Brandeis School of Law, enabling the selection and funding of fellows for each of their three years in law school.

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