List of External Scholarships

Below is a list of external law school scholarship opportunities known to us at this time. The list is not exhaustive and is organized chronologically by deadline, with the latest deadlines appearing first. Some deadlines may have passed, but they remain on this list as an indication of when the same scholarship opportunity may become available in a future year.

External scholarship opportunities may be open to incoming law students or those currently enrolled at law school. Each scholarship establishes its own application requirements, preferred qualifications and terms of eligibility. In some cases, students who have applied to law school but have not yet been accepted may apply for a scholarship but must be accepted to and enroll in a JD program by the time the scholarship is awarded. The University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law makes no representations or warranties as to the continued availability or terms of any external scholarship opportunity.

Scholarships marked with an asterisk (*) offer varying award amounts, with the top award listed below. Scholarships marked with a cross (+) may offer additional financial benefits.

Amount Deadline
Robert Wayne Pearce Investor Fraud Awareness Scholarship $1,000 12/01/21
GJEL Accident Attorneys Law Student Scholarship $2,000 08/01/21
Gainsberg Law Annual Scholarship Award $2,500 06/01/21
Plaxen Adler Muncy Scholarship $2,500 06/01/21
BARBRI “One Lawyer Can Change the World” Scholarship $10,000* 06/01/21
Accident & Injury Law Office of Terry Bryant Law School Scholarship $2,500 06/01/21
Schechter, McElwee, Shaffer & Harris LLP Scholarship Essay Contest $2,000 05/03/21
Stoddard Firm Legal Scholarship $1,000 05/01/21
Mann Law Firm Legal Scholarship $1,000 05/01/21
Ben Crump Law School Scholarship $2,500 05/01/21
Kohlmeyer Hagen Law Office Scholarship $1,000 04/30/21
Foundation for Rural Service James L. Bass Legal Scholarship $5,000+ 04/16/21
Louis-Edward Nicklies Scholarship Varies 03/26/21
Energy & Mineral Law Foundation Law Student Scholarship $5,000* 03/15/21
Pioletti Pioletti & Nichols Scholarship $1,000 02/01/21
Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum Bluestein Lawyers Legal Scholarship $1,500 01/31/21
Morgan & Morgan For the People Scholarship $5,000 01/10/21
Johns Law Firm Law School Scholarship Contest $1,500 12/31/20
Powers Law Firm Scholarship Essay Contest $1,000 12/31/20
Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Glassman LLC American Law School Scholarship $1,000 12/15/20
Law Offices of Stephen Bilkis & Associates American Law School Student Scholarship $1,000 12/15/20
BerlikLaw Future Virginia Lawyer Scholarship $1,500 12/15/20
Brager Tax Law Group Legal Scholarship $1,000 12/15/20
Law Offices of Stephen Neyman PC Criminal Defense Student Law School Scholarship $2,500 12/15/20
Kreisman Law Offices Law School Scholarship $1,000 12/15/20
Lebowitz & Mzhen Law School Scholarship $1,000 12/15/20
Law Offices of Allan F. Friedman Student for Justice Scholarship $750 12/15/20
Davis Law Group PC Scholarship $1,000 12/15/20
Tilem & Associates PC Scholarship $1,000 12/15/20
Fob James Law Firm Law School Scholarship Contest $1,000 12/15/20 Legal Scholarship $1,000 12/11/20
Richard Linn American Inn of Court Mark T. Banner Scholarship $10,000 12/04/20
Ottinger Employment Lawyers Law School Scholarship $1,500 12/01/20
Altman & Altman Law School Scholarship $1,500 12/01/20
Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp Short Essay Scholarship Contest $1,000 11/25/20
Hartsoe Law Firm Law School Scholarship $500 11/01/20
Enjuris Scholarship Essay Contest $1,000 10/15/20
GAR Disability Advocates Law School Scholarship $1,000 10/15/20
Baumgartner Law Firm Law Student Scholarship $3,000 08/31/20
Nadrich & Cohen LLP Merit Scholarship $1,000 08/01/20
Miller & Zois LLC Baltimore Student Law School Scholarship $1,000 07/15/20
Curley Law Firm Law School Scholarship Contest $1,000 06/30/20
Neal Davis Law Scholarship Essay Contest $1,000 06/15/20
Cunningham & Mears Academic Scholarship $2,500 06/01/20
Adrian H. Altshuler & Associates “Just Need a Chance” Educational Scholarship $1,000 06/01/20
Wagner & Wagner Civil Justice Scholarship $2,500 06/01/20
Plattner Verderame Civil Justice Scholarship $2,500 06/01/20
Moses & Rooth Attorneys at Law Legal Scholarship $1,000 05/31/20

Diversity Scholarships

Some external scholarship opportunities are intended for students with specific backgrounds or experiences, designed to increase diversity in legal education and deepen the presence of underrepresented groups in the legal profession. Each scholarship may set its own definitions and terms of eligibility, but “students of color” typically includes those who identify as one or more of the following: American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian, Black or African American, Hispanic or Latino and Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander.

Amount Deadline
Pearce Law Firm Empowering Women in Law Scholarship $1,500 05/31/21
American Bar Association Legal Opportunity Scholarship Fund $15,000 04/17/21
Alexander G. Bell Association George H. Nofer Scholarship for Law & Public Policy $5,000 04/12/21
NAACP Legal Defense & Educational Fund Marshall-Motley Scholars Program Full tuition 02/16/21
Phi Mu Foundation Scholarship Varies 02/15/21
Hispanic Bar Association of Orange County Wallace R. Davis Memorial Scholarship Varies 11/09/20
Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship For New Americans $25,000+ 10/29/20
Defense Research Institute Law Student Diversity Scholarship Program $10,000 09/15/20
Iranian American Bar Association Law Student Scholarship Fund $5,000* 07/31/20
Keller Law Offices Military Veterans Scholarship $1,000 07/15/20
Korean American Scholarship Foundation, Eastern Regional Chapter $5,000* 06/30/20
Michigan Auto Law Student Diversity Scholarship $2,000 06/01/20
American Association for Justice Richard D. Hailey Scholarship $5,000 05/15/20
AAJ Women for Justice Education Fund Mike Eidson Scholarship $5,000 05/15/20