Part-Time Schedule

Louisville Law offers a part-time schedule for students who are unable to attend law school on a full-time schedule. The schedule offers a reduced course load, with part-time students taking three or four courses per semester rather than the usual five. As a result, part-time students typically complete the JD program in four to five years.

Part-time students must have flexible availability, especially those who plan to pursue full-time employment simultaneously. Although part-time students may be able to choose their section, all first-year classes are taught on weekdays during the day, and when necessary, course faculty may hold make-up sessions at different times than classes would normally meet. It is generally recommended that law students study three hours outside of class for every one hour of class time. In addition, many programs designed for students’ academic and career success take place outside of scheduled class time, including study groups, professional development workshops and student life events.

Tuition for part-time students is charged by the credit hour rather than by the term. For students first enrolling in Fall 2020, the current tuition rate is $1,156 per credit hour for Kentucky residents and $1,406 per credit hour for nonresidents. Students may choose to switch from the part-time schedule to the full-time schedule after their first year of study.

Three course sequences are required for the part-time schedule:

  • Contracts I (Fall) » Contracts II (Spring)
  • Lawyering Skills I (Fall) » Lawyering Skills II (Spring)
  • Torts I (Fall) » Torts II (Spring)

One additional course sequence of the following two may be taken with permission from the Assistant Dean for Admissions & Enrollment Management:

  • Criminal Law (Fall) » Civil Procedure I (Spring)
  • Property I (Fall) » Property II (Spring)