Part-Time Schedule

For students who are unable to attend law school on a full-time basis, Louisville Law offers the option to enroll part-time. The part-time schedule features a reduced course load, with part-time status defined as enrollment in 9 credit hours or fewer per semester. As a result, part-time students typically complete the JD program in four or five years.

Part-time students must have flexible availability, especially those who plan to pursue employment simultaneously. All first-year classes are taught on weekdays during the day, and when necessary, course faculty may hold make-up sessions at different times than classes would normally meet. In addition, many programs designed for students’ academic and career success — some of which are mandatory — take place outside of scheduled class time, including academic success skills groups, professional development workshops and student life events.

Tuition for part-time students is charged per credit hour. The part-time tuition rate for the 2022-2023 academic year is $1,228 per credit hour for Kentucky residents and $1,478 per credit hour for nonresidents.

Part-time students take three full-year course sequences in the first year, earning 9 credit hours per semester and a total of 18 credit hours for the year:

  • Contracts I (Fall) » Contracts II (Spring)
  • Torts I (Fall) » Torts II (Spring)
  • Lawyering Skills I (Fall) » Lawyering Skills II (Spring)

Because first-year courses are sequenced, a student must maintain their enrollment status, whether full-time or part-time, for the duration of the full first year of study. In subsequent years of study, a student’s enrollment status may vary based on the number of credit hours in which the student enrolls in a given semester.