Defining Feature #1

Is undertaken after sufficient academic preparation e.g., after completion of at least 90 credits of coursework or key prerequisite courses.

This feature indicates that the CUE should be positioned in a student's program of study at the point when she/he has had significant coursework and experiences in the discipline/professional preparation. This feature signals that the CUE course includes content at an upper level and presumes prerequisite coursework.

Individual programs will designate the criteria for this feature.


  1. School of Nursing Culminating Experience - "The CUE (N473) at the School of Nursing can ONLY be taken in the last semester of the senior year. This course is required and students MUST complete a number of sequenced pre-requisites prior to taking this course. Students are expected to complete a reflection about their culminating experience."
  2. Senior Capstone in Women & Gender Studies - "WGST 401 (internship) can be taken after a student has junior standing. However, the course that is really the CUE course in Women and Gender Studies, WGST 500 (senior seminar), is recommended for the final year of course work (hence "senior" seminar). In both cases, students need the chair's permission to enroll, so it's very easy to make sure students are at the proper point in the program."
  3. English Internship - "ENGL 450: Internship. This course meets these qualities well in that students are being asked to take the skills and knowledge they've mastered through the first 60 hours of their coursework and apply it to an entirely new context, outside the academy."
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