CUE Resources for Course Design, Assignments, and Teaching Practices

This page provides resources for faculty currently teaching CUE courses and/or faculty developing new or revising existing CUE courses. You will find resources from current and recently-taught CUE courses that illustrate exemplary language to describe/reference the CUE Defining Features in your syllabus. We also provide exemplary illustrations of CUE assignments which align with individual degree programs’ CUE Student Learning Outcomes (SLO).

I. CUE Defining Features Language Examples (from current UofL CUE course syllabi)

Excerpts from the CUE Defining Features

"The Culminating Undergraduate Experience:

3. Provides the opportunity for demonstration of the student’s mastery of content, reflection on accumulated content and experiences, and the integration and application of critical thinking skills"

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"4. Addresses an authentic issue. Authenticity includes meaningful, real-world issues, problems or concerns that are relevant to the learner and the discipline and are shaped by practical constraints of time, space, or resources."

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II. Types of CUE Experiences (sample of current UofL CUEs, see department for most up-to-date syllabi and assignment specifics)

  • Click to Show/HideInternships

    COMM 417 – Senior Communication Internship

    LALS 400 – Latin American/Latino Studies Internship

    MUTH 451 – Music Therapy Internship

    PHUN 430 – Issues in Public Health 1

    PSYC 407 – Community Internship in Psychology

  • Click to Show/HideTeam-based projects

    CECS 596 – Computer Engineering Computer Science Capstone Design

    ECE 497 – Capstone Design in Electrical Computer Engineering

    FIN 475 – Capstone Seminar in Finance

    MKT 460 – Integrative Marketing Strategy

    ME 497 – Capstone Design Project (Mechanical Engineering)

  • Click to Show/HidePlacement or professional position

    EDTP 477 – Capstone Student Teaching Seminar (Teacher Preparation/Teacher Education)

    ELFH 540 – Program Exit Experiences (Educational Leadership, Foundations, and Human Resources)

    MUED 520 – Student Teaching Elementary School (Music Education)

    NURS 473 – Community Leadership Practicum (Nursing)

    SW 472 – Practicum Seminar and Lab (Social Work)

    DEHD 417 - Dental Hygiene Extramural Education

  • Click to Show/HidePortfolio

    FREN 590 – Senior Capstone, Independent Study

    MUED 520 – Music Education, Student Teaching in the Elementary School

  • Click to Show/HideSenior seminar

    ACCT 411 – Advanced Accounting Information Systems

    HIST 551 – Seminar on Early Medieval Britain

    POLS 495 – (Global) Politics through Film

    WGST 500 – Senior Seminar: Interdisciplinary Research in Women’s and Gender Studies

  • Click to Show/HideResearch-based project

    ANTH 508 – History of Anthropology

    HUM 509 – Humanities Senior Seminar

    POLS 495– (Global) Politics through Film

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