Menu of Program Options

Programs and workshops provided by Health Promotion Wellbeing Central are interactive and engaging. They include handouts and fun give-away items that serve as tools to get from Ideas to Action! (For example: sleep masks and nap-friendly snacks come with “Flash Nap” workshops.)

All programs are delivered in a critical thinking framework and include measurable Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) associated with building resilience and well-being to support academic success.

($) indicates fee for this program or workshop. Fees are negotiable. Details provided when you submit Program Request

Alcohol & Other Substances

Each of these programs are appropriate for all student populations; they provide opportunities for non-drinkers, moderate drinkers, and heavy drinkers to make more informed choices that impact themselves and others.

Alcohol Jeopardy: (Facilitated Discussion: 1 hour)

Do you know why the female body processes alcohol differently? How do you prevent a hangover or impaired driving? What are the effects of alcohol? Learn the answers to these questions and more using teams.

Bartending 101: (Facilitated Activity: 30 minutes)

Do you know what you are drinking?  Do you know what to do if one of your friends had too much to drink? This program provides resources to keep you and your friends safe.

Safe is Sexy: (Facilitated Discussion: 1 hour)

Learn the signs and symptoms of alcohol and drug overdose and how to prevent high-risk situations before an event begins.

Training for Intervention Procedures: (Facilitated Discussion: 1 hour)

This certification is beneficial for students that are in charge of planning events, serving as RAs, risk management chairs, executive boards and leadership positions. TIPs recognizes that students are in the best position to address drinking behaviors among their peers. This certification helps students improve their observation skills, develop their social skills, and develop strategies for intervening in alcohol-related situations that may occur on or off campus. When deciding on the best strategies, it is important to choose a program that is time-tested and proven effective. TIPs is endorsed by The National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP), a project of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA).

Food, Nutrition & Cooking

Cooking Workshops ($): (1 hour minimum, 10-12 student maximum)

Schedule a hands-on workshop in the Health Promotion Office’s kitchen! Students enjoy instruction from a professional chef as they actively learn how to cut, chop, cook and EAT a delicious and health-promoting meal. Come with your minds open and stomachs empty!

Grocery Store Tour ($):

Learn how to find and buy FRESH, AFFORDABLE and REAL food at your local grocery store with the guidance and savvy of a professional nutritionist.

Healthy Eating: Is it possible on campus?: (Facilitated Discussion: 45 minutes)

Schedule a presentation with our Nutrition Navigators to learn about different meal options on campus and how to build a smart plate! Students will discuss current meal choices and develop a list of new “healthy” meals to try on campus.

Students will learn how to make a nutrient dense smoothie, while blending it sustainably with their own pedaling power! Join us as we rock the bike.

Fitness & Movement

Fitness and Nutrition Jeopardy: (Facilitated Activity: 45 minutes- 1 hour)

Health Advocate Leaders explain the fitness and nutrition services available to students, along with the resilience benefits they will get from becoming active and eating nutrient-dense foods. Students’ knowledge is put to the test in a lively, interACTIVE game of Jeopardy! Instead of wagering dollars, students wager with fitness moves!

Sexual Health & Relationships

Safer Sex: (Facilitated Discussion and Activity: 1 hour)

Through lively activities and discussions, learn all about prevention, testing and treatment of STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections). This workshop provides examples of safer sex supplies so that you can see all the options!

Sex Talk: (Facilitated Discussion and Activity: 1 hour)

Develop communication skills for talking with your partner(s) about sex, contraception and creating healthy relationships. This workshop uses fun activities designed so that you leave feeling comfortable talking about topics often considered taboo!

Condoms and Candy: (Facilitated Discussion and Activity: 1 hour)

Learn from wide ranging student-written questions pulled from an anonymous “question bowl” full of free condoms and candy. Questions are answered with honesty and humor by a trained Sexuality Educator while students eat candy and leave with free condoms – as well as lots of helpful information.

Stress Resilience & Thrive Strategies

Stress Resilience Basics: (Facilitated Activity: 45 minutes - 1 hour)

Students discover that it is possible to be a more resilient and stressed-less students.
They identify their most pressing stressors and understand how mind and body respond to stressors. Then, students learn a variety of strategies to build resilience and able to live "off balance on purpose." Includes take-away tools. Taught by certified resilience experts.

Wellbeing BINGO - Thrive!

Students learn ways to manage stress while studying and taking exams and get connected with practical wellbeing resources. This brief workshop translates the current research on the science of thriving into practical skills that can easily taught and practiced in a BINGO game format.

Sleeping & Napping

Flash Nap Workshop: (Facilitated Activity: 1 hour)

The science of sleep meets the reality of students' lives! This workshop teaches the steps to intentional, efficient and effective napping. Goal: increase resilience and improve brain function that remember and make sense of concepts and information. Includes Flash Nap mask and cue card. Taught by certified nap experts.