Foreign National and Non-Resident Alien Information

Payments to International Individuals - Information on GLACIER Tax Compliance System

Foreign National Tax Treaty Information

Required Documentation for Payments to Foreign Individuals (pdf)

Payments to Foreign Individuals by INS Classification (pdf)


Payment Procedures

All non-wage payments to U.S. nonresidents should now be processed through Accounts Payable. This includes payments for guest speaking fees, consulting services, royalties, artist fees, and scholarships paid to any U.S. nonresident individual.

Also, please be advised that departments no longer need to collect forms relating to non-wage payments to foreign nationals, including the Foreign National Information Form, Personnel Action Notice, IRS Forms W-7, W-8BEN, nor any visa/passport copies. This information will be requested via the GLACIER Tax Compliance System after the payment request to Accounts Payable has been made. See link above for more information on the GLACIER Tax Compliance System.

For details on making a payment request and setting up vendors and suppliers, please consult Accounts Payable's website.

Payments to employees (both U.S. resident and nonresident) shall continue to be processed through Payroll Services.



H-1B Employee Questionnaire (doc)

H-1 Department Questionnaire for Belknap Campus (doc)

H-1 Department Questionnaire for Health Sciences Campus (doc)


General Information

Alien's Change of Address Form/Immigration Court (pdf)






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