Center for Engaged Learning

Preparing students through real-world experience, exploration and reflection

For Community

Engaged learning involves students applying their knowledge to expand and deepen their skillset by participating in concrete experiences, either inside or outside of the classroom, which require reflection, perspective taking, critical thinking, and active exploration.

Community organizations and corporations can provide students with engaged learning experiences through offering internships, co-ops, volunteer opportunities, and more. The Center for Engaged Learning works in collaboration with the university career centers, Office of Community Engagement, and Office of Student Involvement to advertise community engaged learning experiences to students. If you would like to learn more, contact

Students who participate in engaged learning experiences gain:

  • A better understanding and application of course material
  • Insight into skills, interests, passions, and values
  • Broader view of the world; appreciation of community and diversity
  • Translatable career skills
  • Civic engagement
  • Self-confidence and leadership skills

What does engaged learning look like in the community?

  • Internships and cooperative (co-op) learning
  • Community engagement/volunteer experiences
  • Community-based learning courses
  • Industry and community capstone projects

How can my organization support engaged learning?

Provide students with internships/co-op opportunities

Provide students with community engagement opportunities