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Undergraduate Arts & Research Showcase

2024 Undergraduate Arts & Research

Location: Student Activities Center (SAC) Ballroom
Scheduled Date & Time: Tuesday, April 23, 2024
12 Noon-2 pm
Deadline for Abstract & Registration: Monday, April 15, 2024

The university-wide Undergraduate Arts & Research Showcase provides an opportunity for undergraduates to share their expertise with the larger university community. This showcase will show the variety of academic work that our undergraduate students are doing across the university. We encourage participation from all colleges and departments.

To participate, you complete the registration form and submit an abstract of your presentation the The Cardinal Edge, UofL's undergraduate research journal. 

All undergraduate applicants are required to provide the name of a sponsoring faculty member who will receive notice of your submission. Only one presentation per student permitted.

Follow this link to register for the event and submit your abstract.

Only currently enrolled UofL undergraduate students are eligible to participate. 

We are also looking for Graduate Students Judges! Please complete the Graduate Judging Form if interested in serving as a Graduate Student judge for this event please complete the form.


Showcase participants gain valuable experience in oral and graphic presentation. Students can include their presentations on resumes and graduate school applications. The Showcase includes projects from all disciplines, allowing students to learn from each other about a broad range of exciting research topics.

Humanities, Arts, and Creative Posters.

While poster sessions have been a long-standing and valued method of presentation in the sciences and social sciences, they are relatively new to the humanities, arts, and creative disciplines. The process is similar, however. For critical and research papers, presenters follow the research processes and procedures in their disciplines, and then summarize their work for the poster which would include their argument, their method, their conclusions, and any other relevant background information.

For the arts and creative posters, presenters would include samples of their work such as a poem, a sample set design, or an excerpt from their short story or play. The poster would also include some discussion of the particular method the presenter used, any historical context, or other relevant information.

As with all posters, readers should understand the presenter’s project even when the presenter is not present. Also, remember all posters have three main points:

  • To illustrate your project as you describe it to listeners when you are present
  • To provide a basic introduction to your work when you are not present
  • To spark interest in your project and make viewers want to learn more.

Here is a helpful link on posters in the humanities, arts, and creative disciplines:


Helpful Information About Making Posters

2023 Presentations

Congratulations to the 2023 Showcase Winners

First Place: Aysha Khan: "A Logistics Approach to Improve Medication Reconciliation in the Outpatient Clinic Setting"

Second Place: Bailey Wilson: "Archival Data on Latinx Students at the University of Louisville"

Third Place: Aamya Vohra: "Exploring Gender Differences in Eating Psychopathology Behaviors: A Comparative Study of Cis Men, Cis Women, and Trans Individuals"

Photos of the April 11, 2017 Undergraduate Research and Community Engagement Symposium