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Student Testimonials

Engaged learning experiences allow you to develop skills and career-readiness beyond the classroom. Hear how our students' unique experiences have helped them prepare for the complex challenges of tomorrow.

Kaylee Vitato

Currently pursuing a BA in History with a minor in Political Science
Owensboro, KY

Kaylee Vitato discusses how the CARDS EXCEL program helped her gain hands-on experience with the Model United Nations and the Model European Union Conference to prepare for a future in international law.

Jaley Adkins

BS in Public Health
Belfry, KY

Jaley Adkins' mentored research experience allowed her the unique opportunity to dive deeper into her research interests, make connections with professors and present and publish research as an undergraduate. Adkin graduated in May 2023 with the CARDS EXCEL distinction for completing two or more engaged learning activities.

Chase Falkner

BSBA in Accountancy, currently pursuing an MS in Accounting & Analytics
Chicago, IL

Chase Falkner's study abroad experience in Florence, Italy allowed her to explore fashion design, immerse herself in Italian culture and prepare for a career bridging the gap between fashion and business. Falkner was part of the first graduating class from the CARDS EXCEL program in May 2023.