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WINGS Program


The WINGS (Working Internships in Non-Profit and Government Support) program was created to provide funding to support students in completing unpaid internships at either 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organizations or government agencies. The funding award can range from $500 – $2,500 and the amount will vary according to the funds available, the student’s needs, the financial obligations of the internship (including internship location), and the competitiveness of the student’s application. Awards will be made as a financial aid award during the semester the internship is being completed.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicant must have secured an unpaid internship position for the semester they are applying for funding at the time of application (employer/supervisor verification is required). Internship must occur outside of the University of Louisville and be through a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization or government agency. 
  • Applicant must be supervised by a professional staff member within the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization or government agency. Students will not be considered to receive funding if working for a family member or working for an organization owned by their family.
  • Applicant must be a degree seeking undergraduate student at the time of application and during the award period.
  • Students must have completed a minimum of 30 credits hours to be eligible and must be in good academic standing.
  • All students participating in the program will be enrolled in a 0-credit hour/0 tuition internship course. The course requires students to complete a reflection at the end of the internship and to submit an employer evaluation from their internship supervisor.

 Internship requirements

  • The scholarship is not intended for undergraduate research internships. For research positions, contact the Office of Undergraduate Research & Creative Activity.
  • The WINGS program is not intended for students who are required to complete a field placement as a mandatory component of their degree program; however, such students who may be completing a field placement/internship outside of their degree requirements may apply and be considered for the scholarship.

Application Materials

  • Complete online application (please allow 3 weeks for committee review after submitting application)
  • Application includes answering short essay questions which involve describing the internship position and organization and how the internship will impact the applicant’s educational/career goals.
  • Resume
  • Employer/Supervisor Verification Form
  • Student Program Terms and Conditions Form
  • Budget Sheet

Application Disclaimer

Please note, by submitting an application, you authorize the WINGS program review committee to conduct academic, disciplinary and financial aid checks to confirm program eligibility and inform funding decisions. Certain university policy violations may disqualify you from consideration for the internship funding.

Review Criteria

The WINGS program committee will review application materials and will select recipients based on specific criteria indicated below through a competitive selection process. Selection for program participation and funding amounts will be determined based on the following:

  • Quality of the application, resume, and essay question responses
  • Internship learning outcomes and alignment with the student’s academic and career goals
  • Applicant’s financial need, including any financial expenses relating to the internship

Guidelines for Participants Receiving Funding

Recipients must complete an online orientation training offered through the Center for Engaged Learning prior to beginning the internship.

Recipients must complete a reflection (questions will be provided by the Center for Engaged Learning) and submit on the job pictures that can be used in future promotion of the program (if approved by internship site). Students will receive an employer evaluation from their internship supervisor to be submitted to the Center for Engaged Learning program manager. The Center for Engaged Learning will provide the evaluation form.

Recipient must complete the entire internship described in their application materials. Failure to complete the internship will be considered a breach of the program requirements subjecting the student to forfeiture or repayment of the funds provided to them. Exceptions to the forfeiture/ repayment will be granted only in extreme and unusual circumstances as determined by the selection committee in its sole discretion.

Guidelines for Employers

  • Verify student has been hired for internship opportunity
  • Verify that experience meets the FLSA unpaid experience requirements
  • Verify that compensation is not included in the internship
  • Provide a valuable learning experience for students
  • Complete an employer evaluation at the end that is shared with the student (student will submit completed employer evaluation as a requirement of the program)
  • Complete Employer/Supervisor Verification Form as part of student application 

Program Structure

Participants will complete an online orientation module through Cardinal Careers prior to beginning their internship. Module will review professionalism and tips for internship success, reflection on experience, and checking in with the Center for Engaged Learning.

The Center for Engaged Learning Director of Experiential Learning will contact students a minimum of two times over the semester they are completing their internship to check-in and see how the experience is going and provide any assistance if necessary. The internship site supervisor will be contacted at least once to see how the internship is progressing.


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