Timeline & Application


Application Process begins 13 months PRIOR to enrollment.


  • EARLY JUNE Submit AADSAS application online *APPLY EARLY!
  • LATE JUNE Pay $65.00 application fee upon request
  • Submit 3 letters of recommendation (or 1 pre-professional committee letter)

Early August

  • Submit all official transcripts to AADSAS and VERIFY receipt
  • Authorize submission of official DAT scores to AADSAS

Late August - February

  • Interviews
  • Offers and acceptances begin December 1
  • Acceptances from waitlist list
  • January 1: Deadline for Applications 

The ULSD Admissions Committee is charged with selecting applicants who demonstrate the academic, cultural, social and personal abilities to become competent general dentists. The committee uses an Admissions Index system. Selection criteria are divided into academic (60%) and non-academic (40%) components. 

What is AADSAS?

ULSD is a member of the Associated American Dental Schools Application Service (AADSAS), which is the national application service used by most US dental schools. The deadline to apply to ULSD is January 1 but applicants are encouraged to apply according to the timeline above to increase their chances for admission.

 Application Steps:

  • Complete the  AADSAS application  and all other  admissions requirements.

  • Take the DAT. DAT scores will be imported to AADSAS directly from the testing center. Applicants may submit other parts of the application prior to taking the DAT but only complete applications (including official DAT scores) will be reviewed.

  • Once we have received your verified AADSAS application, you will receive an email requesting our supplemental fee. We do not have a supplemental application.

  • Our Admissions staff will email you regarding the status of your application until completion. Applicants are encouraged to check AADSAS for the status of their application as well. After applications are deemed complete, they go to the Admissions Committee for review for consideration for an interview.