Academic Support Services

Early Alert System

The Early Alert System provides faculty with a proactive method of identifying students who may be experiencing academic difficulties or failure. This form allows faculty to alert the Academic Support Counselor (ASC) of any student who is not making satisfactory progress and/or is exhibiting behaviors that may lead to academic difficulty. Once a student is identified, the counselor will attempt to contact and work with the student in an effort to improve the student’s performance and opportunity for success at ULSD.

Academic Support Programs

These programs are designed to assist dental and dental hygiene students to successfully progress through the University of Louisville School of Dentistry.

  • Academic Support Counseling
  • Tutoring Program

Academic Support Counseling

Academic support counseling is offered to UL School of Dentistry students. Students may receive counseling for the following:

  • Study skills and methods
  • Time management
  • Organization
  • Test-taking skills
  • Memory skills
  • Stress management

The academic progress of dental and dental hygiene students is very important and will be monitored at the ULSD. Students are encouraged to pursue options available to them to receive academic tutoring or counseling.

Tutoring Program

Need a tutor?

To request a tutor, please contact Audra French. Mrs. French will meet with you briefly to discuss your academic needs, study habits, and personality, prior to matching you with a tutor. Once matched, the tutor will contact you by phone or email to arrange for the first meeting. You will then work with your tutor to arrange tutoring sessions to fit your individual needs.

About the tutoring program

  • Peer tutors may be recommended by course directors to be tutors.
  • Students interested in serving as tutors may choose the subjects they are willing to tutor.
  • The tutoring service is free to the students being tutored. Tutors are paid an hourly rate for tutoring, and enjoy working with dental and dental hygiene students.
  • Tutoring helps the tutor to prepare for board exams.
  • Methods the tutor may use while working with the student include: sharing study suggestions they found to work for them, asking questions about course material, and using or developing diagrams and drawings for memory aids, etc.

Students who wish to discuss their study skills individually and confidentially may contact

Audra N. French, Academic Support Counselor
University of Louisville
School of Dentistry, Room 228 
Phone 502-852-7094