Advanced Standing

for internationally trained dentists

Information on COVID-19

Extended Application Deadline: Due to the pandemic and closure of many required services, ULSD is extending the 2020 application deadline to June 1, 2020. We will continue to accept application materials that are delayed due to the pandemic as long as we are able.

Description of Placement Option

The University of Louisville School of Dentistry offers an Advanced Standing admission option into the DMD program for selected individuals who have received a dental degree from an institution outside the United States or Canada. The total number of students admitted is dependent upon the school’s available resources. 


Length of Program: minimum of 28 months Apply through ADEA Centralized Application for Advanced Placement of International Dentists (CAAPID) at

Program Start Date: January 4, 2021

Class Size: Available space determines number of positions (typically 1-3)

Degree Awarded: D.M.D.

Tuition: Same as ULSD traditional program, (available on Tuition & Aid tab)


Requirements to Apply for the Advanced Placement Option – submit the following to CAAPID

English Language Proficiency

  • Must be proficient in the English language
  • Applicants whose native language is not English are required to take the TOEFL (preferred) or IELTS. This requirement may be waived if an applicant has completed 90 college credit hours or a masters degree in the United States. Applicants should indicate their qualifications for a waiver in the "Custom Questions" portion of the CAAPID application. ULSD Office of Admissions will send e-mail notification of waiver status. Please do not email materials to our office.
  • Internet-based TOEFL (iBT) scores - preference given to scores at or above 100 total and 26 in speaking and listening OR IELTS - preference given to scores at or above 7.5


National Board Dental Examination Requirements

  • Program requires passing of NBDE Part I to be considered for admission
  • Submit Part I National Board Dental Examination scores to CAAPID
  • Application eligibility requires a minimum score of 75 on Part I or “pass” if no numerical score is issued

Personal Statement

Short essay describing why you desire to enter the DMD program

Letters of Evaluation

Two letters of evaluation required (one professional and one from the senior administrator or dean of applicant’s dental school), written within one year of the application- submit to only to CAAPID

Transcripts and Evaluations

Applicant must submit to CAAPID a detailed evaluation by Educational Credentials Evaluators, Inc. (ECE)


Application Fee

Pay $65 application fee to program online only AFTER requested to do so by program – do NOT send payments to ULSD.

Special notes

  • Applicants- please DO NOT submit original documents to ULSD. Only admitted students are required to submit original documents directly to ULSD.

Contact Information

Please direct your questions to our Advanced Standing email address.
We try our best to respond to emails within 1-2 business days.


University of Louisville 
School of Dentistry 
Office of Student Affairs, Room 234 
501 S. Preston St. 
Louisville, KY 40202

Phone: 502-852-5081
Fax: 502-852-1210

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Application Specifics

Dentists who received a dental degree from an institution outside the United States and have passed Part I of the NBDE may apply.

The School will consider only applicants who have applied through the ADEA Centralized Application for Advanced Placement of International Dentists (CAAPID) at Applicants must have submitted all documents required by the University of Louisville School of Dentistry (as listed in the CAAPID requirement section).

The application process deadline has been extended 30 days to June 1, 2020. Applicants are expected to submit materials by that date. We are constantly monitoring conditions and will update the website if changes are implemented. We will continue to accept materials through CAAPID as long as possible in our process.

TOEFL scores are required of all who speak English as a second language unless they have completed at least 90 college credit hours or a masters degree in the US. The admissions committee reserves the right to request a TOEFL from any candidate. Preference is given to those who score a total at or above 100 and 26 in speaking and listening. The IELTS is also accepted and a score at or above 7.5 is preferred.

All application materials are submitted ONLY to CAAPID. ULSD does not accept official documents from applicants. At the time of enrollment, accepted students are required to authorize agencies to send official scores (TOEFL, NBDE, ECE, etc.) directly to ULSD.

DMD Program Specifics

The number of ASP students accepted each year is variable and depends on the number of available positions in the second year class of the traditional DMD program at ULSD. Typically this number ranges from 0-3.

Accepted ASP students begin studies in January of the year following the application cycle (i.e., if you apply in 2020 and are accepted, you begin classes in January, 2021). ASP students join the D2 class in the Spring term.

Interview Specifics

Interview invitations are typically emailed 30 days in advance of interviews. Due to COVID-19, a timeline for interviews is not yet determined.