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DRD1Welcome to the Office of Research & Enterprise at the University of Louisville School of Dentistry (ULSD). This office coordinates all research that is being carried out at ULSD and sponsors several programs that facilitate student participation in research. 

Currently, the Department of Oral Immunology & Infectious Diseases is the main basic science research group in the School of Dentistry. In addition, several other departments in the school are involved in clinical research. 

I invite you to learn more about research at ULSD, research faculty, and the academic programs that are offered at ULSD by exploring the links on this page.

Dr. David Scott
Associate Dean for Research & Enterprise
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Potempa Honored as one of the Top Scientists Worldwide on 2022 Rankings

April 5, 2022

Dr. Jan Potempa has been honored as one of the top scientists in the world in the 2022 rankings. The rankings are constructed using the H-index data gathered by Microsoft Academic and includes only prominent scientists with an H-index of at least 40 for scientific papers published in the field of Microbiology. In the field of Microbiology, Dr. Potempa was ranked as #103 in the United States and #206 worldwide. You can see the full world ranking at  

 Diamond and Moradali Honored at UofL Research and Scholarship Awards

March 30, 2022

Two researchers from the UofL School of Dentistry - Dr. Gill Diamond and Dr. Fata Moradali - were honored at the University of Louisville Research and Scholarship Awards on March 29, 2022. This was the first year for this event celebrating the impact of UofL researchers and scholars over the past year.

Lisa Sandell, PhD

Sandell Awarded R01 Grant for Research on Damaged Salivary Glands

March 24, 2022

An R01 grant application submitted by Lisa L. SandellPhD,  Associate Professor in the Department of Oral Immunology and Infectious Diseases, has been approved for funding by NIH. Dr. Sandell will research "Therapeutic vascularization to support repair of damaged salivary glands (1 R01 DE030103-01A1). 

 Moradali Awarded R03 Grant to Study Porphyromonas Gingivalis

January 29, 2022

An R03 grant application submitted by Fata Moradali, PhD,  Assistant Professor in the Department of Oral Immunology and Infectious Diseases, has been approved for funding by NIH/NIDCR. Dr. Moradali will research "The Control of Lipopolysaccharide Heterogeneity and Virulence by Cyclic di-AMP Signaling in Porphyromonas gingivalis (1 R03 DE031854-01). 


ULSD Faculty, Students, Residents Receive Awards at Research!Louisville

November 4, 2021

Award winners for the 2021 Research!Louisville event were announced during a virtual award ceremony on October 29, 2021. Award recipients from the School of Dentistry include:

  • Madison Chumbler (mentors: Nichole Herring and Jennifer Brueckner-Collins) – Dentistry, Clinical Research Award, 1st place
  • Pooyan Sadr Eshkevari, DDS – Senior Resident, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery - School of Medicine Medical Resident Award
  • Isaac Fienn (mentor: Lisa Sandell) – Dentistry, Basic Research Award, 1st place
  • Erika Figgins (mentor: Gill Diamond) – Master’s Basic Science Graduate Award, 2nd place
  • HeeJue Hong (mentor: David Scott) – Dentistry, Basic Research Award, 3rd place
  • Alec McDonald (mentor: Sudha Gudhimella) – Dentistry, Basic Research Award, 2nd place
  • Mike Metz, DMD, MSD, MS, PhD – Chair, Department of Comprehensive Dentistry – Ruth Greenberg Award for Medical Education Research, 1st place
  • Meghan Nay (mentor: Michael Metz) – Dentistry, Clinical Research Award, 2nd place
  • Arthur Begotti Silva (mentor: Liliana Rozo) – Dentistry, Clinical Research Award, 3rd place

 For more information about Research!Louisville, including a link to the award presentation slideshow, go to


ULSD Students, Residents Receive Awards at 2021 AADOCR Kentucky Section Meeting

October 28, 2021

Students and residents representing ULSD took home several awards during last week’s meeting of the Kentucky section of the American Association for Dental, Oral, and Craniofacial Research (AADOCR). Award winners include:

  • DMD Student Category
    • Mina Iskander – Tobacco Enhances Bacterial-Induced Periodontal Disease in Mice (mentor: David Scott)
    • Alec McDonald – A Novel, Nitric Oxide-Releasing Elastomeric Chain for Antimicrobial Action: Proof of Concept (mentor: Sudha Gudhimella)
  • PhD, Resident, Grad Students, Research Staff Category
    • Esha Mukherjee – Quality Control of In-Office 3D Printers (mentor: Gerald Grant)
    • Erika Figgins – Therapeutic Effectiveness of Antimicrobial Peptoids against Herpes Simplex Virus-1  (mentor: Gill Diamond)



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