Dean's Office

Dean's Office

Message from the Dean

Dean T. Gerard Bradley

Greetings ULSD family and friends,

Congratulations to our newest alumni, with 116 students completing the DMD program and 29 dental hygiene graduates. More than 40 of these DMD grads will go on to complete specialties in dentistry at prestigious institutions. I am extremely proud of the Class of 2018!

Our research faculty received a major COBRE award which amounts to $11.2 million dollars over a five year period. This is a major boost to our research faculty who are already nationally recognized.  We currently rank 13 out of 66 dental schools in the country with over 4 million dollars each year in funding from NIDCR.

Our curriculum committee and discipline subcommittees are in the process of completing a vertical review of each discipline over the four years of instruction. We are looking at sequencing and timing of that instruction along with redundancies and gaps that may exist in dental education; we always add material and rarely take things out or change how they are presented. We are taking an aggressive approach to make sure our instruction is contemporary and innovative and timed well with those critical clinical interactions. We also had noted that our national board scores were down, and we have put in place a plan to address this, along with preparing our students and faculty for a new integrated national boards examination that will be in full implementation by 2022.

Finally, we are starting an Alumni Council that will be independent of the administration and have their own officers. Membership will be open to all alumni. I really want to connect our alumni more than ever, as your support and fellowship are all the more important as we chart a bright future for the school of dentistry.

Thank you for your support.

T. Gerard Bradley, BDS, MS, Dr.Med.Dent.

May 2018