Admission Offers

Offers of admission are extended in compliance with American Dental Education Association (ADEA) guidelines. First round offers are sent out on December 15 (or the nearest weekday designated by ADEA). All offers made in December or January have a 30-day response period. Before the deadline, candidates must:

  • Return the financial responsibility for non-resident tuition agreement (non-residents only)
  • Pay the online tuition deposit (which will be applied to fall tuition):
    • $200 for Kentucky residents
    • $1000 for non-residents (including international citizens)
    • Initiate the criminal background check through an official ADEA-authorized agency (accepted candidates will receive an email requesting payment and authorization to begin the background check).

Applicants placed on the waitlist must send an email back to ULSD in order to remain an active applicant. Additional offers are made as vacancies become available. The waitlist is not ranked and active applicants should submit any fall grades into AADSAS in order to give the Admissions Committee a more accurate assessment of their academic abilities. Waitlist applicants can remain active until classes start in late-July. Historically, many ULSD students have been admitted from the waitlist.

In order to be enrolled and matriculated, candidates must fulfill all requirements of the ULSD contingencies explained in the offer of acceptance. All planned courses listed on the AADSAS application must be completed or waived by the Admissions Committee. Acceptance may be withdrawn for failure to maintain high scholastic or behavioral standards during the remainder of pre-matriculation period.