Our Partners

Campus Partners

The Hispanic and Latinx Faculty and Staff Association (HLFSA) aims to celebrate, support, and advocate for the vibrant Latinx/Hispanic faculty and staff community at UofL. HLFSA hosts various programs and events such as Almuerzo con HLFSA and the Alianzas Mentoring program (currently inactive)



Monica Negron

The Latin American and Latinx Studies Program (LALS) was established in 2000 to promote an interdisciplinary understanding of the complex issues and realities of the diverse cultures of Latin America and the United States, enhancing students’ abilities to participate in the global community. LALS offers a major, minor, and Graduate Certificate, an LALS Club, community engagement, and cultural events: 

Community Partners

The Louisville Latinx Education Outreach Project (LLEO)is a collaborative effort within the Greater Louisville region, led by a core formal partnership group representing the full cradle to career pipeline:

Our partnership aims to fuel the greater Louisville region through modeling collaborative behaviors, cross pollination of ideas and people, and building a foundation to build upon.

Our focus is to:

  • Create a collaborative network of invested partners across the education pipeline
  • Increase access to college education, resources, networks and careers
  • Engage our collaborative efforts to full capacity and increases college access and inclusion for Latino students in Louisville