Our Vision

Our vision is an inclusive and accepting campus climate free of bias and hate where students, faculty, staff, and alumni work together to create positive change in the community.

Our Mission and Goals

The Cultural Center mission is to provide:

  • advocacy for our students
  • celebrate the diverse cultures of the campus community
  • engage students in social justice issues, and
  • support the scholarship and retention of UofL students.

One of the five critical areas of the University of Louisville’s 2020 Plan is Diversity, Opportunity, and Social Justice. UofL is committed to creating a challenging intellectual climate enhanced by our many human differences, and this serves as the foundational objective of the programs and services provided by the Cultural Center. More specifically, the Cultural Center creates educational opportunities for members of the university community to critically think about their beliefs, values and assumptions as it relates to culture. To fulfill our mission, we support and offer co–curricular and extra–curricular programs that acknowledge and reflect the experiences of under–represented populations. We also provide educational opportunities for all members of the campus community to examine their individual and group experiences within a culturally diverse society.

Cultural Center Handout (One-page document)

Cultural Center Viewbook