Undergraduate Studies

Three students doing chemistry

Available Majors

Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry
Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
Bachelor of Science in Chemistry - Biochemistry Concentration
Bachelor of Science in Chemistry - Business Concentration

Undergraduate Advisors

Prof. Lenore K. Hoyt - students with last name A - I.
Phone: (502) 852-2997    Office: CB 220   Email: lenore.hoyt@louisville.edu

Prof. Christine V. Rich- students with last name J - Q.
Phone: (502) 852-7814    Office: CB 307     Email: cvrich01@gwise.louisville.edu

Prof. Mark E. Noble - students with last name R - Z.
Phone: (502) 852-7296    Office: CB 348     Email: menoble@louisville.edu

Prof. Muriel C. Maurer - all pre-med, pre-dent, pre-pharm, etc. students.
Phone: (502) 852-7008    Office: CB 336     Email: muriel.maurer@louisville.edu

Additional Information

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Course Offerings
General Chemistry Program
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International Service Learning Program
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Honors Program
About the University

Please contact us about our program via email or phone (502-852-6798).
You can also contact one of the undergraduate advisors listed above.