Morgan Balabanoff

(502) 852-7296

Research interests:Dr. Balabanoff's research group focus on developing assessment instruments to measure students’ understanding of chemistry concepts. Currently, we are working on an assessment for the year-long sequence of general chemistry. General Chemistry serves many students across a variety of disciplines each year and few resources exist to assess students’ understanding or measure the efficacy of curricular reform. This assessment is unique in two ways: (1) it is entirely contextualized in water for accessibility and, (2) the singular context allows us to investigate students’ deep conceptual understanding. Key words: Chemistry Education, Assessment, Foundational Chemistry Concepts

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Taken 12.5.18

Richard P. Baldwin

(502) 852-5892

Research Interests: Electroanalytical Chemistry, Electrochemical Instrumentation for HPLC and Capillary Electrophoresis Detection, Chemically Modified Electrodes and Other Novel Electrode Materials, Electrophoresis-Based Assay for Biologically Important Compounds, Preparative-Scale Applications of Chemically Modified Electrodes.

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Robert M. Buchanan

(502) 852-6580

Research Interests: Synthesis, structure, and magnetic properties of inorganic and bioinorganic compounds; active site models of mu.-oxo iron proteins; polynuclear manganese complexes as models of PSII and pseudocatalase proteins; mixed valence complexes; C-H bond function; conducting polymers; phthalocyanine complexes, electrocatalysis.

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Franco, Danielle 8.30.19

Danielle B. Franco

(502) 852-7229


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(502) 852-2733

Dr. Craig Grapperhaus

Craig A. Grapperhaus

(502) 852-5932

Research Interests: Research in the Grapperhaus Group focuses on the inorganic and bioinorganic chemistry of transition metal-thiolates.

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Gerald B. (GB) Hammond

(502) 852-5998

Research Interests: The Hammond group is interested in organic synthetic methods development, including catalysis, organofluorine chemistry, and green chemistry. In collaboration with other groups we are engaged in drug discovery and the study of Peruvian medicinal plants.

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Linqing He

(502) 852-3570

Research Interests: Molecular systems biology. Research centers on developing multi-dimensional chromatography mass spectrometry-based bioanalytical platforms for metabolomics and epitranscriptomics, and then employed the developed technologies to complex biological samples to understand the mechanisms of molecular regulation changes in a biological system.

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Dr Lenore K. Hoyt

Lenore K. Hoyt

(502) 852-2997

Research Interests: Organometallic Synthesis

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Pawel M. Kozlowski

(502) 852-6609

Research Interests: The Kozlowski Group is mainly concerned with the application of quantum mechanical principles to problems in molecular structure, dynamics and spectroscopy and with work on quantum-mechanical methods to improve their reliability and physical credibility. The general aim is to obtain a correct quantitative description for important physical and chemical properties of molecules. Our research interest is focused on the application of computational chemistry to solve problems of a bioinorganic nature.

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Jadwiga "Iga" Kuta

(502) 852-6448

Jinjun Liu

(502) 852-1223

Research Interests: Research in the Liu Group consists of spectroscopic studies on gas-phase molecules and condensed-phase materials in both frequency domain (using high-resolution laser systems) and time domain (using ultrafast laser systems). Our high-resolution studies center on the spectroscopic detection and characterization of reactive chemical intermediates, e.g., free radicals and molecules in excited electronic states.

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Frederick A. Luzzio

(502) 852-7323

Research Interests: The long term goals of our research are focused at the interface of chemistry and biology. We are interested in solving problems in biomedicine using the techniques and application of synthetic organic, medicinal and natural products chemistry.

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Muriel C. Maurer

(502) 852-7008

Research Interests: Research in the Maurer Group focuses on protein chemistry and protein structure-function relationships. We are particularly interested in enzymes involved in blood coagulation and related processes.

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Eugene G. Mueller

(502) 852-5811

Research Interests: Enzymology, tRNA Modification, Sulfur Transfer, Bioorganic Mechanism

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Aleeta M. Powe

(502) 852-5969

Research Interests: Analytical Chemistry

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Farshid Ramezanipour

(502) 852-7061

Research Interests: Research in Ramezanipour group focuses on solid-state inorganic materials. Energy research is at the center of the current projects, which involve the synthesis and study of complex oxide materials for applications in batteries, fuel cells, electrocatalysis, and magnetism. A wide range of material synthesis and characterization techniques are utilized in these projects, such as diffraction, electron microscopy, photoelectron spectroscopy, magnetometry, charge transport, electrochemical impedance and electrocatalytic studies. Please see Ramezanipour group website for more information.

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Lee Thompson

Lee Thompson

(502) 852-0730

Research Interests: Our work drives at understanding and developing materials for application to current and future energy systems, including heterogeneous catalysts and photoactive materials. Simulation is vital for understanding properties and mechanisms to enable rational design of chemical systems. However, the properties that make for promising materials also render those systems difficult to study through simulation. Our research aims to develop quantum chemistry methodologies that better enable materials for energy applications to be studied and understood.

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Andrew J. Wilson

(502) 852-9279

Research Interests: A common theme in our research is using light‒matter interactions and electrical energy to measure, drive, and control interfacial chemical transformations at the nanoscale. In particular, we are interested in advancing our fundamental understanding of the interconversion of chemical and electrical energy. Our approach is to develop and employ high resolution optical microscopy and spectroscopy to investigate electrochemical processes beyond the ensemble, at the single particle, single molecule level. We aim to gain and leverage mechanistic insight into chemical reactions to achieve high efficiency and selectivity in fuel generation/consumption reactions and increase the performance of high-capacity, rechargeable batteries.

To accomplish our research goals, we utilize tools that include: optical microscopy, Raman and fluorescence spectroscopy, electrochemistry, nanoparticle synthesis, nanofabrication, chromatography, electron microscopy, super‒resolution imaging, plasmonics, density functional theory, chemometrics.

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Richard J. Wittebort

(502) 852-6613

Research Interests: The research in my laboratory is concerned with experimental studies of molecular dynamics in the solid state. This area is now recognized to have substantial importance in a variety of areas ranging from the structure and activity of proteins to electron exchange and even the basic properties of ice. As such, our experimental efforts, supported by the biophysics division of the National Science Foundation, find us delving into such diverse endeavors as the preparation of crystalline proteins and transition metal clusters.

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Francis P. Zamborini

(502) 852-6550

Research Interests: We are interested in the synthesis, characterization, electrochemistry, and optical properties of individual or assemblies of metallic nanostructures and their applications in sensing, catalysis, and energy.

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Xiang Zhang

(502) 852-8878

Research Interests: We are interested in multidisciplinary life sciences research. Our expectation is that the chemistry of biomolecules in living systems can define disease mechanisms. We would like to tell the biological story revealed by these molecules with advanced bioinformatics methodologies and modern analytical techniques.

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