Cooperative Internship in Chemistry

Cooperative Internship in Chemistry (CHEM 420)

The UofL Cooperative Internship in Chemistry is an individually arranged course combining work experience with related academic work in chemistry. Students gain valuable hands on and real job experience using the tools they have gained at UofL. In addition, it helps add experience to a student’s resume as well as aids them in finding out whether their intended career path is their best choice.

Students in the Cooperative Internship in Chemistry course will:

  1. Gain relevant work experience in the chemical industry or a related field by having the students demonstrate their experience by keeping a weekly journal of their work experiences.
  2. Learn safe and responsible workplace practices by learning to use workplace equipment (with supervision) safely and correctly and report on safety and equipment training.
  3. Develop their critical thinking, communication, and technical skills by preparing a midterm and final report of their workplace experiences.

Student Information

How to find locations

  • Cards Career Connection powered by Handshake is the platform UofL uses for opportunities and where local organizations will post their opportunities.
  • hosts opportunities all around the world for students.
  • Also, you can check the employers where you are interested in working? Many employers often have their own internship programs.

Cooperative Internship Tips

  • Set up an appointment with one of the career counselors at the UofL Career Development Center to help in creating or reviewing a cover letter/resume.
  • Check often for new opportunities on Handshake.
  • Dress for success for the interview.
  • Write a thank you letter after the interview. A quick thank you email/handwritten note may put you one step above other candidates.

Additional Information

UofL Career Development Center - Internships
Safe Job Hunting
Resumes & CVs
Cover Letters

Course Information

Written Report Rubric

Employer Information

Cards Career Connection powered by Handshake is the platform UofL uses for to post opportunities for Co-Ops/internships. You can find more information on the UofL Career Development Center’s webpage under Employer Engagement.


  • Interns are skilled and cost less than full-time employees.
  • Internships are a great way to build up future employees.
  • Interns bring fresh perspectives or enthusiasm to your company.
  • Hiring interns is a way to invest in local students, local Universities, and community.


  • Assign substantive, meaningful work.
  • Assign a mentor/supervisor.
  • Have clearly defined expectations.
  • Introduce them to key personnel.
  • Check in with them.
  • Have an exit process.

Course Information

Performance Evaluations

Helpful Articles

Make the Most of Your Summer Internship
How to Effectively Step into the Industry Workplace

Current Openings

Mickey Leland Energy Fellowship (MLEF) Program - Now Accepting Applications for Summer 2020 (9.26.19)
Department of Energy, Office of Science, Office of Workforce Development for Teachers and Scientists (WDTS) Virtual Career Fair October 24th (10.17.19)
Eurofins Genomics - Now Accepting Applications for Sanger Sequencing Lab Associate I (10.17.19)

US Geological Survey - Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Sediment Laboratory, located at the Kentucky Water Science Center in Louisville (11.11.19)
Allnex - The Coating Resins Company - Lab Intern Job (11.11.19)
Allnex - LVL Applications Tech Intern Job Description (11.21.19)
University of Kansas Summer Undergraduate Research Program (1.14.20)
Numerade, an organization that provides STEM students with resources, is currently offering a flexible and remote internship opportunity for college students. If you’re interested you can apply at this link here: Educator Sign Up.(2.3.20)

Job Search Tools

Internship/Career Websites

William F. Exstrom Library: Employer Research: Directories
- Louisville, KY job postings
ACS - Internships for Undergraduate Chemistry students
Zippia - How To Get An Internship: Advice And Tips For Jump Starting Your Career
Career Builder
All Star Jobs
Mergent Intellect by FTSE Russell
City Internships

Professional Organizations

American Chemistry Society (ACS)
American Institute of Chemists (AIC)