Society of Undergraduate Chemistry Students (SUCS)



The SUCS Officers are elected at the end of the spring semester and have the responsibility of organizing events for students, fundraising, and acting as a liaison to the University Graduate Student Council.


Membership to the Society of Undergraduate Chemistry Students is open to all majors. The only requirement is to have an interest in chemistry. Please contact Vivian Pham ( for membership details. 

Mission Statement

To promote the well-being of chemistry students, and foster a greater love for chemistry in the UofL community. 

Organizational Activities

We provide resources and opportunities for our members that will promote success in academic classes, help with graduate school applications, and create a community of closely-knit students in and around campus. 

  • Biweekly meetings on Mondays from 6:00pm to 7:00pm in SAC W117
  • “Professor Talks” - Professors and graduate students will participate in “Professor Talks” to discuss their experiences in chemistry and their research
  • Discuss students' well being and strategies for navigating the college experience.
  • Hands-on opportunities to learn and practice fundamental lab techniques
  • Connect with Chemistry Faculty
  • Help students pursue research opportunities

Contact Information