Germantown/Shelby Park Rail Corridor Area-Wide Plan

Louisville Metro Department of Economic Development in partnership with University of Louisville Center for Environmental Policy and Management (CEPM) and an urban planning and environmental consultant team lead by Lord Aeck Sargent worked with community members and stakeholders to create a brownfields area-wide plan and implementation strategy for the Germantown/Shelby Park Rail Corridor. This project was funded through Louisville Metro Department of Economic Development by a grant from the U.S. EPA Brownfields Area-Wide Planning Program.

The final plan LOUISVILLE CENTRAL RAIL CORRIDOR Area-Wide Brownfield Plan, Louisville, KY; September, 2015, can be downloaded here. If you would like a printed copy of the report please contact us.

This page houses resources for community members and organizations as well as archives the public meetings and events announcements related to the process. Please visit our Facebook page that serves as an additional on-going source of information and site for community input.


Contact list for Area-Wide Planning Process

Previous Meetings

Presentation of Draft Recommendation
May 28, 2015
Meeting Agenda


APA-KY Spring Conference
May 15, 2015
Presentation #1
Presentation #2

Ecology Forum
October 23, 2014
Meeting Agenda
Ecology Forum Presentation

Corridors Visioning Workshop
September 25, 2014
Corridors Visioning Presentation

Community Voices and the Future of the Plan
August 5, 2014
Meeting Agenda
Area-Wide Brownfields Planning Summary

Community Meeting:  Green Infrastructure
July 8, 2014
Meeting Agenda
Beargrass Creek Alliance Presentation
Logan Basin Storage Project Presentation
Assets inventory

Community Meeting: Asset Identification
June 10, 2014
Meeting Agenda
Corridor Assets Exercise Materials
How to Use Community Remarks Website
Naming Exercise sheet

Community Meeting:  How Clean is Clean?
May 6, 2014
Meeting Agenda
"Homework" handout
How Clean is Clean handout
Discussion Questions

Kick-Off Meeting
April 8, 2014
Meeting Agenda
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