Our Work

The Center for Environmental Policy and Management provides a range of technical and research assistance to local, state and tribal governments, businesses, and nonprofit organizations. We work under federal, state and local grants and contracts. We are available and excited to form partnerships in pursuit of just and sustainable environmental policies.

Our work includes the development of practice guides, policy reports, toolkits, and surveys. We organize and participate in sustainability workshops, meetings, conferences and task forces. We also develop web-based resources to increase environmental literacy in our community.

At the Center for Environmental Policy and Management, we know that the condition of our environment affects everything about our lives. We apply our work to land use planning in order to improve access to affordable housing, transportation and environmental equality. We advocate for safer soils in public landscapes through urban agriculture and thoughtful, thorough rehabilitation of brownfield and Superfund sites. We are deeply concerned with environmental justice, air and water pollution, climate change, a just energy transition, and the establishment of a safe and just food system.