UL Superfund Research Center - Community Engagement Core

 The University of Louisville Superfund Research Center (ULSRC) supports research about environmental health impacts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as cardiometabolic diseases - a major concern for Louisville residents living near the city's chemical and power plants as well as those exposed to VOCs from other outdoor and indoor sources.


Dr. Lauren Heberle, leads the Community Engagement Core component of the grant. The CEPM works closely with ULSRC researchers and members of the Louisville community to communicate concerns and needs. We support both the ULSRC researchers and trainees in building their capacity for community engaged research and scholarship. 

In 2019, the Community Engagement Core established an open Community Advisory Board that meets to discuss, support, and learn about research efforts of the ULSRC. In December of 2019, the CAB nominated and confirmed a Coordinating Committee to guide the CEC activities and serve as connectors to the ULSRC and the broader public in Louisville, KY.

For information about Lee's Lane Landfill (Superfund site in Louisville, KY) click here.