Reproductive Health & Contraception

Campus Health provides a full range of sexual health services for both men and women, including annual reproductive health visits, birth control consultation, access to safer sex products, diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy counseling and referral, as well as visits related to more acute problems. We provide a safe, confidential, and LGBT-friendly environment with experienced male and female healthcare providers. For specific topics, please reference the links below.

Emergency Contraception

Oral Contraception (Birth control pills)

Sexually Transmitted Infection: Prevention, Evaluation and Treatment

PreP for HIV prevention

Other services include:

  • Free condoms in waiting rooms. Non-latex, extra-large, and female condoms and dental dams available upon request.
  • HPV Vaccine (Gardasil) available by prescription. Check with your insurance plan re: coverage for vaccine. If not covered, ask us for information about how to get Gardasil FREE from Merck Pharmaceutical Assistance Program. Call to schedule your appointments to receive three injections over 6 months.
  • Pap Testing. Call for appointment. You may discuss STI concerns and birth control options with your healthcare provider at this visit.
  • Emergency Contraception (EC, Morning After Pill) is available for purchase during regular hours. Call for same-day appointment OR simply stop by the clinic. When you receive EC, discuss birth control options and STI testing with your healthcare provider
  • Sexual Health Workshops through Health Promotion: request these workshops through the Health Promotion web site