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As an international student, am I required to have major medical insurance?

All F1 or J1 international students are required to purchase the student health insurance policy.  Waivers are not allowed except for special circumstances.

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Can I waive the Major Medical Insurance?

Only under specific circumstances:

  • Home country provides USA Insurance
  • Fully sponsored by US or other organization which provides health insurance
  • Covered as a US employee or dependent
  • Completion of the International Waiver Requirement Document
  • All requests for waivers must be reviewed and approved by the Insurance Advocate
  • Insurance Advocate removes the charge from tuition bill
  • Accepted for current academic year only

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What type of insurance plan is available to UofL students?

The University of Louisville sponsored student injury and sickness insurance plan from Academic HealthPlans provides UofL students with an affordable student health insurance plan tailored to the particular needs of UofL students. For more information visit https://louisville.myahpcare.com

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How much does the insurance plan cost?

*Spring premium includes coverage for summer

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Can I cover my spouse and children?

Yes. See the rate chart above for information regarding the pricing. Contact the Insurance Advocate for additional information at stuins@louisville.edu.

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When can I enroll in the plan?

After registering for classes, students may enroll in the plan during open enrollment periods and the premium will be automatically placed on your tuition. If you do not have an approved waiver, you will be automatically enrolled in the plan and the major medical fee will not be able to be removed from your account.

Open Enrollment:

Term Enrollment Dates
Fall Semester July 18 - August 31
Spring Semester November 14 - February 1

Students may qualify to enroll at other times if they have a qualifying event such as birth of a child, death of a spouse, loss of insurance through your spouse/job or reach the age of 26 which eliminates them from a parental policy. Contact the student insurance advocate, stuins@louisville.edu for additional information regarding this type of enrollment.

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What doctors can I see?

The University sponsored plan requires students to use Campus Health Services for routine health care. Specialty care is provided through the Anthem BC/BS provider network. For more information visit https://louisville.myahpcare.com/benefits

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Do I need a referral?

Referrals are not required but are suggested because Campus Health Services can obtain appointments within the University system which decreases the cost for the student. If you have an after-hour emergency, you may use any immediate/urgent care center or emergency room.  These services are subject to annual deductibles and copayments.

Obtaining a referral is not a guarantee of payment but notifies the insurance plan of a pending claim. Final determination of benefits is determined by the insurance company.

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What happens if I am sick and need to be hospitalized or go to the emergency room?

Students may use any of the local hospitals in the Louisville area or nationwide.  However, UofL Hospital provides deeper discounts for services.

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Does the insurance policy cover me when I am away from school?

Yes.  Using the Anthem BC/BS network will be less expensive if available.  See theAcademic Health Plans web site for information on how to locate an Anthem provider.

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Does the university-sponsored plan cover me outside the United States?

Yes. Worldwide coverage and travel assistance is available including air ambulance transfer back to the United States if medically necessary. Please contact Academic Health Plans at (888) 308-7320 for more information.

International students are not covered when they require services in their home country.

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Will I get an insurance card?

For information on how to obtain your insurance card, visit: https://louisville.myahpcare.com/

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I'm enrolled in the University student insurance plan. Now what?

  • Before You Visit a Provider: Understand the specific procedure to follow when seeking medical treatment under your Student Health Insurance Plan. You are required to use the Campus Health Services Offices as your primary physicians for non-emergency care.
  • Call 502-852-6479 for Cardinal Station office or 502-852-6446 for the Health Science Center office.
  • All customer service inquiries, including provider network questions, should be directed to Academic Health Plans by calling (888) 308-7320.

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Can I be seen by Campus Health Services if I have other insurance?

Absolutely. Most major insurance companies are billed by Campus Health.

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