Primary Care Health Fee (PCHF)

$150 Primary Care Health Fee (PCHF)


The $150 Primary Care Health Fee provides a safety net for all uninsured students.  IT IS NOT HEALTH INSURANCE; therefore, anything not covered by the PCHF will be billed to the student.  All students enrolled for at least 6 hours on campus will be charged $150 per semester for the Primary Care Health Fee. Waivers are allowed with proof of medical insurance.

* Insured students may use this fee as a supplement to their health insurance. Waivers cannot be entered into the waiver system on ULink until the charge appears on the student's tuition bill. Tuition bills are posted first week of July for Fall and mid-November for Spring semester


The Primary Health Fee provides:

  • Unlimited medical office visits at Campus Health facilities at Cardinal Station or at the Health Science Center Health Care Outpatient Center
  • Allergy injections (does not include serum)
  • Flu shots
  • Gynecological exams (does not cover outside laboratory charges)
  • In-office lab tests such as strep, pregnancy, urinalysis
  • Travel medicine consult (excludes immunizations)
  • Annual TB skin testing


* Note: For students who have both insurance and the Primary Care Health Fee (PCHF): Campus Health will file claims with the primary insurance. Remaining balances for the services listed above will be written off after the insurance company pays on the claims.

Deadline to waive is 30 days from first day of class. Waiver is valid for up to one academic year and must be resubmitted each fall. Fee will not be removed if it has been utilized.