File PDF documentAffordable Counseling in Kentuckiana
File PDF documentAlcoholEdu-Haven Troubleshooting Guide
File application/x-troff-msBSL3-ABSL3 Medical Surveillance Forms
File Troff documentCardinal Station Medical Records Request
to request records be sent to CHS Cardinal Station
FileChecklist for submitting records (freshmen)
File chemical/x-isostarClinical Students Immunization Checklist
File RealAudio documentClinical Student Immunization Tracking Form
FileCold & Flu Self Care
File PDF documentCommunity Mental Health Resources
File PDF documentDiabetes & Diet
File D source codeEating Disorders: About More Than Food
Publication of the National Institutes of Mental Health regarding eating disorders.
FileEbola FAQ
File PDF documentEmergency Contraceptive Pills
File PDF documentFit Into College
File application/x-troff-msForeign Travel Forms
File chemical/x-isostarHealthcare Readiness Checklist
File RealAudio documentHepA Reg & Consent Form
File RealAudio documentHIPAA Communication Form
FileHIPPA Notice of Privacy Practices
File PDF documentHow to File Claims
File Troff documentHSC Medical Records Request
to request records be sent to CHS HSC
FileImportance of HSC Immunizations
File PDF documentIncoming Merged Immunization Checklist and TB Questionnaire
File text/texmacsInternational Insurance Waiver Requirements
File PDF documentKentucky Tickborne Disease Fact Sheet
File Troff documentMedical Records Request
to request records from CHS
FileMeningitis Case FAQ
File PDF documentMeningitisFAQs030819_JSeditsbressoudreview.pdf
File RealAudio documentMinor Consent Form
File C headerNational Immunization Awareness Month
File application/x-troff-msNew Patient Forms
FileNotice of Nondiscrimination Policy
File chemical/x-mdl-rdfileObtaining a copy of your insurance card
File PDF documentOral Contraception Pills
File image/x-jgOrganizational Chart
FilePatient Rights and Responsibilites
File chemical/x-mdl-rdfilePersonal Health, Medication & Immunization Card
File Troff documentPrEP FAQ Sheet
FAQs for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis for HIV
File PDF documentRelease of Psychotherapy Records Form
File RealAudio documentResident Immunization Tracking Form
FileRespirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire - Clinical
File PDF documentRespirator FAQs
File PDF documentRespirator Fit Testing
File PDF documentRoutine & Travel Immunization Pricing
FileSexually Transmitted Infection
File PDF documentTB Screening Questionnaire
File StuffIt archiveTips for a Successful Doctor's Visit
File PDF documentUHC Claim Form
File RealAudio documentUofL Sports Medicine Physical Form
File Pascal source codeUofL TARC Service Map
File application/x-troff-msWorkers Comp Forms
File PDF documentYoga
File PDF documentYoga with live music
Self Care
File Troff documentWellbeing Newsletter Check it out
Link image to Wellbeing Newsletter
File RealAudio documentTelehealth Consent Form
FileProvost Response to Coronavirus
FileProvost update on UofL response to coronavirus 1.29.20
FileProvost update on UofL response to coronavirus 1.31.20
FileProvost update on UofL response to coronavirus 2.28.20
File RealAudio documentInternational Travel Reporting Form
FileN95 Decon Program Respirator Questionnaire
Specialized OSHA respirator medical questionnaire tailored for the N95 Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide Decontamination Program.
FileRequests for Emotioal Support Animal Documentation
FileHIPAA Notification (en español)
File PDF documentSexuallyTransmittedInfection07292021.pdf
File PS documentPoint&Click Immunizations Steps
Image of Immunization Steps in the Point & Click Application -- From Dr. Bressoud
File PDF documentCOVID Immunization Instruction
Covid Immunization Upload and Waiver Instructions - FROM Dr Bressoud
File PDF documentFlu Shot Instruction
New 2022 Immunization Requirements--Updated by Bailey
FileVolunteers of American Transgender Resource Guide
File RealAudio documentGME Tracking Form-Doc
This is a word document form
FileGMC Tracking Form-PDF
This tracking form in PDF format
File RealAudio documentHSC Student Immunization Tracking Form
New Student Tracking form for 2022
FileGME Immunization Tracking Form
New Immunization Tracking Form (GME) per Bailey 03-2023
FileHSC Student Immunization Tracking Form
New Immunization Tracking Form --Students (HSC) per Bailey 03-2023
File2022 Freshman Immunization Requirements with Campus Health Services2.pdf
FileGuidance Regarding Holding Events and Monkeypox
Monkeypox gatherings events
FileMonkeypox Disinfection Guide
Monkeypox disinfection guide for non-healthcare settings
File Troff documentMonkeypox Fact Sheet
FileMonkeypox Social Gatherings Guide
FileMonkeypox Isolation Guide
FileMonkeypox and Safer Sex
FileInternational Insurance Waiver Requirements
International Insurance Waiver Requirements New form -- 08-11-2022
File Unidata NetCDF documentInstructions for Scheduling Vaccination Appointments in PNC
File PDF documentP&C portal payment instructions
FileHSC Student Immunization Tracking Form
New Immunization Tracking Form --Students (HSC) per Bailey 03-2023
File PDF documentGMEImmunizationTrackingform2023UPDATED.pdf
File application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.documentHSCStudentImmunizationTrackingform2023UPDATE.docx
File application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.documentcopy_of_HSCStudentImmunizationTrackingform2023UPDATE.docx
File application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.documentGMEImmunizationTrackingform2023UPDATED.docx
File PDF documentminorconsentFillableUpdated5.8.23.pdf
File PDF documentMinor Consent Form Updated
New Consent Form 05/08/2023,Updated 10/05/2023, Verified: 10/10/2023
FilePatient Rights & Responsibilities
Patient Rights and Responsibilities information
FileFreshmen checklist and TB Screening
2024 Freshman checklist and TB Screening Questionnaire
FileFreshman Checklist and TB Screenng
Questionnaire for 2024
File PDF document2024FreshmanImmunizationCHS