Registering for Classes

When it's time to register for classes, this page is the place to go for help.

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Get Ready to Register

Don't wait! You'll want to register as soon as you can, so that means being ready when it's your turn. Here's what you should do to prepare:

--> NEW in Spring 2024: All students need to enroll in UL2FCTR, at this website, to access ULink. It just takes 5 minutes and then you're good to go.<--

1. Check the Registrar's website, linked here, for the day and time your registration opens. Set a reminder--or even an alarm!--for yourself.

2. Find your Academic Advisor and schedule an advising appointment or see notes from your previous advising meetings so you know what to register for. You can do all of that and more at

3. If it's your first semester, order any missing test scores or transcripts.

    • If you earned college credit from AP or IB scores, click here to learn how to send UofL your scores.
    • If you took dual credit courses in high school, you need to request your transcript from the institution you took the course through (not your high school). The easiest way to send transcripts is electronically, to or mail them to University of Louisville, Undergraduate Admissions, Credit Evaluation Services, Louisville, KY, 40292.

    4. Check for holds in ULink by clicking on Tasks. Complete the steps to have any registration holds resolved, including completing your pre-registration questions.

      • If you have a financial hold or any other hold on your account that you don't know how to resolve, contact your Student Success Coordinator to go over your options. Click here to learn more about what they can help with and to schedule an appointment with your Student Success Coordinator.

      5. Prepare for your Advising meeting by making note of all Cardinal Core (General Education) courses you think you already have credit for or are currently taking. Check out this PDF for an easy Cardinal Core Checklist, or this website for more detailed info on these requirements.

        • Make a list any questions/concerns you have about your college experience so far.
        • Make a list of possible classes for next semester, considering: electives or classes you're interested in; courses to explore majors or minors you're interested in; requirements you need for your major or to get admitted into your major of choice; and General Education requirements you haven't yet fulfilled.

        Help! I have a Hold!

        If you have a registration hold that you don't know how to resolve, or if you're having a personal, financial, or academic issue that might prevent you from continuing at UofL and registering, there's help at the Student Success Center.

        You have been assigned a Student Success Coordinator who is here for you if you're worried about paying a bill, struggling to balance work and school, need help thinking about housing, or you're just frustrated with the registration process. Student Success Coordinators are here to help and will always to what's in your best interest; they listen without judgment and help come up with a plan that keeps you on track with your goals.

        Find your Student Success Coordinator and learn how to schedule an appointment with them by clicking here.

        Step-By-Step Instructions for Registering in ULink

        You'll notice some recent changes in the way you search for classes, add classes to your Shopping Cart, and Enroll.

        Click for step-by-step instructions for registering.

        Click for step-by-step instructions for waitlisting.

        Additional short videos on how to navigate the ULink Upgrade can be found at

        Finding and Adding Classes

        This video reviews how to use the Class Search / Add to Cart feature in the Manage Classes tile. You can use filter options to find classes that meet requirements for specific General Education/Cardinal Core requirements or explore classes in a specific subject.

        Pro-tip: If you know the abbreviation for a class but not what that abbreviation stands for, you can find that at!

        View Classes and Drop Classes

        This video shows you how to view your schedule in the View My Classes or View My Weekly Calendar tabs in Manage Classes, and how to Drop Classes in ULink and find the drop/add and last day to withdraw dates for an upcoming semester.

        Types of Classes at UofL

        When you're registering, pay careful attention to the type of class you're registering for. There are two types of classes at UofL: In Person and Distance Education. In Person classes are just how they sound--you're expected to attend each class scheduled in person. Distance Education classes are 100% online, and you can do the work on your own time as long as you regularly check Blackboard and meet the class' assignment deadlines.

        Class Types at UofL

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