Pre-Evaluation and Degree Audit

Pre-Evaluation and Degree Audit

As a transfer student, one of your main concerns may be how your credits transfer over. We provide several services that will provide you a better picture of what you have “already completed at UofL” based on your previous coursework, what courses you can expect to take, and how long it will take you to graduate with your intended degree.


Before completing an application to UofL, you may be interested in requesting a pre-evaluation. This is a free service available before you complete your application that provides you a student transfer evaluation (STE) based on your previous college work. This report shows you exactly how many credits you would bring over to UofL, how the courses will potentially transfer in, and provides you access to an academic advisor for a degree audit. 

  • Request a pre-evaluation.
  • Please provide all unofficial transcripts for every school attended so we can provide you with the most accurate transfer evaluation.
  • Please allow up to 14-21 business days for our office to provide your STE.

Degree audit

Once you receive your STE, you now have access to an academic advisor. Based on whichever degree you intend to pursue, you can reach out to the appropriate advisor and request a degree audit. A degree audit is your degree plan, listing the degree requirements and what you already have credit for, what you would need to complete, and an estimated timeline to graduation.

For the most efficient and fastest results, please complete the steps in this order.