Activate your account

Welcome to the University of Louisville!

    If you are still an applicant, you can check your application status online. Log in, click on the "student services" tab and find "view my application status".

Before you log in to any of UofL's online services, you will need to activate your UofL account.

  1. Go to and get your user ID using your Social Security Number (SSN) and your date of birth. Write your user ID and 7-digit student ID down or copy/paste them into a document so you can grab it for the next steps.
  2. Go to ULink, our student portal, at
  3. Put in your user ID you got in step 1 in the user ID box (note: ID is not case sensitive).
  4. Next will be your password. UofL has recently undergone password management updates. If you applied prior to October, use the first set of instructions. If you applied in October or later, use the second set of instructions. If you are not sure when you applied, try both passwords. Your default password will be one of the following:
  5. First 2 letters of your first name (lower case)
    First 2 letters of your last name (lower case)
    an exclamation point (!)
    the last 4 digits of your numerical student ID


    A capital L followed by the instructions listed above.

    Example: John Smith, with a numerical ID of 123456, has a default password of josm!3456 OR Ljosm!3456. We know, it's a little weird, but it's set up this way to protect you from identity theft and other mischief. You can then reset your password (Hint: Avoid using words like Cardinals, Louisville, L1C4, Cards, UofL, 2015, 2016, 2017, and everyone's favorite - Password). You will also be able to set up challenge questions, which will allow you to reset your password if you forget it.

    If neither password option works, please contact the Help Desk at 502-852-7997.
  6. Once you re-set your password, you can begin using your UofL e-mail.  Visit to log in.
  7. To login please use your and your re-set password.
  8. Now you are all set. You will log on to ULink to register for your classes, and access your grades, your financial aid package, and tuition bill.  If you have any problems with any of the steps above, please contact the Help Desk at 502-852-7997 or at