Activate Your Accounts

Welcome to the University of Louisville!

Before you log in to any of UofL's online services, you will need to activate your UofL accounts.

Activating your University of Louisville accounts will give you access to your:

  • UofL student emailCommunications will be sent to your UofL email regarding financial aid, and campus housing. Your professors will contact you at your UofL email address.
  • ULink - Use ULink to register for classes, access your financial aid, tuition balance, and more
  • CardSmart - You will use CardSmart to find your Academic Advisor and schedule an Academic Advising appointment.
  • Blackboard - Blackboard is the University of Louisville's technology platform for in-person and online classes.  You can access your syllabus, grades, assignments and more in Blackboard for each of your classes.

Activating your UofL student accounts does not change your New Cards Gateway login and password.  You will need to continue to monitor your Gateway to complete important steps to officially join the Cardinal Family.  Check your New Cards Gateway regularly for items such as:

  • Updates to your application status
  • Scholarship application and action items
  • Paying your required enrollment deposit (for first-time freshmen)
  • New Cards Orientation registration and access

Instructions for activating your UofL accounts:

  • Go to to get your user ID using your Social Security Number (SSN) and your date of birth. Write your user ID and 7-digit student ID down or copy/paste them into a document so you can grab them for the next steps.
  • Go to ULink, our student portal.
  • Enter your user ID and your default password. Your default password will be:

Capital L


First 2 letters of your first name (lower case)


First 2 letters of your last name (lower case)


An exclamation point (!)


The last four digits of your numerical student ID

(Example: John Smith, with a numerical student ID of 1234567, has a default password of Ljosm!4567)

  • After logging in to ULink with the default password, click on the Profile tile on the student homepage. Click the "change password" tab on the left. This will open a new window and take you to the Reset Password page. You must immediately change your password to continue accessing your accounts. 
  • Once you reset your password, you may begin using your UofL email.  Visit your UofL email account to log in.
  • To login please use your and your re-set password.
  • You're all set! You will log on to ULink to register for and manage your classes, and access your grades, financial aid package, tuition bill along with other resources and important information.  If you have any problems with the above steps, please visit the Help Desk website.