For individuals who have never completed the CITI Basic Course

  1. Welcome page []:  Click on Register for the CITI Course
  2. Select Your Institution or Organization: Under Participating Institutions: select University of Louisville and click submit.
  3. Select Your User Name and Password: Follow the instructions on the page regarding size and criteria.  The username and password can be anything of your choosing that is accepted by the system. Click Submit
  4. Name and Email Address: Enter your first and last name and your email address. Please note: the email address entered here is the one that any future password requests will be sent to; you are encouraged to use an address that is stable and make sure to enter it without any typos. Click Submit.
  5. Member Information: Complete the demographic information.  Fields that are marked by an asterisk are required by the system.  If you have an University of Louisville ID (Employee or Student), please enter it in the Employee Number field. Click Submit.
  6. Select Groups: Answer both questions on this page in relation to the nature of the research you will be conducting.  In the second question, select the last radio button: I have not previously completed an approved Basic Course.  Click Continue.
  7. Select Your Institution or Organization: At this point, you can affiliate with additional institutions if you so choose.  If not, answer no to proceed.
  8. Learners Menu: Select Grade Book to complete the required courses for your chosen group. The grade book page will open with the first module appearing as a hot link. After completing a module, the next module will appear as a hot link in linear fashion.
  9. Complete the modules listed: Upon completion of all required modules and achieving 75% correct, a link will appear on the Grade Book page with your Completion Report. Print this report for your records and submission to the IRB with any research protocol submissions. The research Integrity Program will be automatically notified of your successful completion.

Research Integrity Program | University of Louisville | LL05 Jouett Hall | Louisville, Kentucky 40292 | (502) 852-2454