Preparing for Your Virtual Advising Appointment

Get ready for your virtual advising appointment with these steps!

Prepare a List of Questions

You may want to write down:

  • Majors or minors you would like to explore
  • Classes you are interested in taking
  • How your dual credits or AP credits will be applied


Be Ready to Take Notes

You may want to write down:

  • Important contact names, phone numbers, email addresses or dates
  • Information about next steps
  • Resources you may want to check later
  • Notes about majors or minors in which you are interested
  • Answers to any questions you may have


Find a Private Setting

Choose a private and quiet place to meet one-on-one with your advisor.

  • This is your opportunity to explore your academic freedom as a college student.
  • Federal privacy laws (FERPA) protect your academic rights, and to respect those rights, we ask that you and your advisor are the only people in this meeting.
  • You can update your family and friends on all the important information you discuss with your advisor after your appointment is over.


Get Your Computer Ready

Open separate internet tabs or windows for the following:


Use Microsoft Teams

For your Microsoft Teams virtual appointment:

  • You can either use the app or the web-based version.
  • You will be asked for your UofL email address and password to sign in.
  • Log in to Microsoft Teams a few minutes before your appointment. This will give you time to test your audio and video, set your preferred background, and check your appearance.
  • Before sharing your video, be sure that your appearance is appropriate and well-lit, you have limited background noise as best as possible, and you have unmuted your microphone.


You're All Set!

You are now ready for your academic advising appointment! Your advisor will either be waiting for you or will join you at your scheduled time. Keep in mind that some advisors have back-to-back appointments, so they may be slightly delayed. Please be patient and know that they will be with you shortly.