Accuplacer Testing (Math/QR/Reading)

Accuplacer (Next-Generation) is the placement test that U of L uses for reading and math placement.
Download the FREE Accuplacer Next-Generation study app at

You have three options for testing:

A.  $25 - Virtually Test, 24/7 at your convenience.

  1. Make sure you have a computer, web cam, high speed internet connection, and private, undisturbed environment to test.
  2. Go to and click on VERIFY SYSTEM at the bottom of the page to verify your computer meets minimum specifications before selecting this option. If it does, return to this screen and click the link on the next line to request your voucher.
  3. Click here to request your voucher number before scheduling test. Allow up to 48 hours to receive your voucher.
  4. After you receive your voucher by email from Accuplacer, click on the AccuplacerLive link to schedule your test appointment.
  5. Pay the $25 fee to schedule your appointment.
  6. Follow the directions in your appointment confirmation email to log in to take your test.

If you don't have computer access:

B.  $15-$60 - Remote Test at an institution close to your physical location.

  1. Click here to find a test center in your area.
  2. Click here to request your voucher number before scheduling with the other institution. Allow up to 48 hours to receive your voucher.
  3. Test during the institution’s available testing hours.
  4. Pay their administration fee (and possibly parking).
  5. Once you complete your exam, please allow 48 hours for your scores to be posted with U of L.

C.  $15 - Campus Test at U of L by appointment ONLY

  1. Call the Testing Services Office at 502-852-6606 to schedule your appointment.
  2. If you don't have a parking pass, you must pay to park in the Speed Museum Parking Garage, Floyd Street Garage, or other paid lot.
  3. On test day, arrive in Davidson Hall, Room 310, and pay your $15 testing fee (cash or card).
  4. You will receive an immediate copy of your test results, but it may take 48 hours for your scores to be posted with U of L.

You should always check with your Academic Advisor if you have questions and before registering for classes.

Click the links below to find your:

Academic Advisor

Math/QR course required for your anticipated academic major

Mathematics/QR Course Placement Criteria

Reading Placement Criteria

ULink account to check the scores that have been sent to U of L.
(ULink > Undergraduate Admissions > View my Undergraduate Application Status > Application Status > Test Scores > VIEW ALL).

Retesting Policy

Retesting may be appropriate if there is reason to believe that a score obtained from previous testing does not accurately reflect your current level of knowledge (i.e., you weren't feeling well on test day,  you've been working on your skills since testing, etc.). You must wait 3 months before retesting.

Score Expiration Policy:

Students with SAT, ACT or Accuplacer scores older than one year should register to take the Accuplacer for a more accurate math course placement.