Virtual Freshman Orientation

Virtual Freshman OrientationWith the health and safety of our newest Cardinals as a top priority, summer 2020 New Cards Orientation will be transitioned to a Virtual Orientation Program.  While many things in the world around us are changing and uncertain, our commitment remains the same - supporting our students and families in their transition to the Cardinal Family while providing the best possible orientation experience.

Your Virtual Orientation experience will consist of three parts:

  • Virtual Freshman Orientation Module
  • Virtual Academic Advising Appointment
  • Fall 2020 Course Enrollment


The student fee for Virtual Orientation will be $25. 

You will register for Virtual Orientation through your New Cards Gateway with the personal email and password created at the time of application to UofL.  To register:

  • Login to your New Cards Gateway
  • Accept your Offer of Admission and pay your Enrollment Deposit
  • Verify your academic major
  • Pay your $25 Virtual Orientation student fee
  • Select your Academic Advising date and register for Virtual Orientation

If you registered for an orientation session before the decision was made to transition to a virtual program for summer 2020, you do not need to register again.  Your Academic Advising date and details about Virtual Orientation were emailed to you on Sunday, April 19.  Partial refunds have been processed directly to students who already paid the on-campus orientation fee.

Virtual Freshman Orientation

You can complete Virtual Orientation at your own pace – you will not be required to login on a specific date/time; however, you should expect the entire module to take about 2 hours to complete.  You will be able to start and stop as you need to, but will be required to complete all sections of the module in order to successfully complete your orientation requirement. 

The module will consist of multiple sections that present to you information you would have received at a traditional freshman orientation session in a variety of ways to try to maximize engagement and learning, including videos, voiceovers, and presentations. 

You must complete the entire Virtual Orientation module before your Academic Advising appointment.  Please complete at least one business day before your appointment to make sure you have access to register for classes.

To access Virtual Freshman Orientation

  • Log into your New Cards Gateway approximately 1 business day after submitting registration
    • If you were pre-registered before the release date, you will have access to the Virtual Module on May 26 at approximately 10 am EDT
  • Click on the "Complete Your Virtual Orientation" link in the New Cards Gateway Checklist section
  • Use Google Chrome as your browser
  • On the Microsoft Sign In screen, enter your UofL email address in the format
    • Click Next
  • On the Enter password screen, enter your ULink password
    • Click Sign In

You will not be able to login if:

  • You enter your email address incorrectly
  • Your University accounts are not activated
  • You have not been loaded in for access yet (remember, it could take up to 1 business day from receipt of this email)

Virtual Academic Advising

Part of your registration for Virtual Freshman Orientation includes selection of a date for Academic Advising.  Your advising unit will assign you an appointment time on your scheduled date, and that time will be sent to you at your UofL email address.  You should expect to receive you appointment time approximately one week before your assigned advising date.  Please make sure you are available for the entire day of your scheduled Academic Advising appointment until you have received your appointment time.  Your Academic Advising appointment should last no more than one hour.

Make sure you are ready for your here for steps to help you prepare!  

You can find a list of currently available dates by academic unit here.

Course Enrollment

All students must complete both Academic Advising and Virtual Orientation before gaining access to course enrollment for fall 2020.  If you have already completed your entire Virtual Freshman Orientation module before your Academic Advising appointment (which we highly recommend!) you will be able to register for your classes immediately with the assistance of your advisor.  Otherwise, you will gain access to course registration approximately 48 hours after completion of the orientation program.

Additional Information

Activating University Accounts: You will need to activate your University accounts in order to login to Virtual Freshman Orientation and enroll in classes.  If you have not yet activated your accounts, click here for activation instructions.  If you have already activated, but do not remember your login information or password and need assistance in resetting, click here for information from the UofL IT Help Desk.

Academic Advising Intake Form:  You will need to complete an Academic Advising Intake Form prior to your advising appointment.  The form will be accessible in your New Cards Gateway approximately 1 hour after you submit orientation registration.  Careful completion of this form will help your advisor provide you with individualized guidance based on your plans, interests, and possible areas of needed support. 

Major Changes:  It is of the utmost importance that you are admitted to the correct academic unit and major when you attend your Virtual Academic Advising appointment, as appointments are scheduled with specific academic units. Please be aware that if you change your major after you have registered for orientation and advising, it may also require a change in advising date as there are a limited number of spaces each day for each unit.

If you need to request a major change, click here (login is required - use your New Cards Gateway login credentials).

Advising Date Change Requests:  We ask that once you are scheduled for an Academic Advising date, you keep your appointment date if at all possible; however, if you have a scheduling conflict that will not allow you to attend a virtual appointment on your assigned date, you may request a date change here (login is required - use your New Cards Gateway login credentials).

You can find a list of currently available dates by academic unit here.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Cancellation of your Orientation registration must be received before accessing the Virtual Orientation Module to receive a refund of your $25 Virtual Orientation Fee.  Cancellations and refunds will automatically be processed when you change your admissions decision to a decline status through your New Cards Gateway. Refunds will be credited to the payment method used at registration.

Contact Us

Questions?  The Orientation Programs office is here to help!  Email us () or call (502.852.7276) and leave a voice message and we will get back with you!  We are looking forward to welcoming you to the Cardinal Family!

We hope that you have had a successful transition to virtual learning in your high school setting, and that you have both a device and internet access that enables you to engage in the platforms we will be using for Virtual Orientation and Advising.  If not, please let us know and we will work to find you accommodations.