From the Chairman

    Welcome to the Department of Anatomical Sciences and Neurobiology at the University of Louisville School of Medicine. I am honored to lead an outstanding team of scientists, educators, students, and staff. As a department we are committed to biomedical research, professional healthcare education, graduate and postdoctoral training, as well as community-based service. We have several world-class investigators with state-of-the art laboratories funded through federal and private sources that are engaged in basic and translational research. The department houses the largest number of neuroscientists in the university and maintains active research groups in the following areas: sensory systems, development, nerve injury and repair, and the anatomical sciences. We are a highly collaborative group that has strong ties with both basic and clinical departments. Many of us are resident members of the KY Spinal Cord Injury Research Center and KY Lions Eye Center. The department offers a fully supported PhD program with a focus in Neuroscience as well as an MS degree in the Anatomical Sciences. Our faculty provide classroom and laboratory instruction for the Schools of Medicine and Dentistry. Our focus is on pre-clinical training and instruction in the basic science disciplines of gross anatomy, embryology, microanatomy, and neuroscience. We also offer outstanding training, research, and education opportunities for PhD and MD/PhD and MS students in the biomedical sciences. Our department runs the Willed Body Bequeathal Program at the University of Louisville. It is through these generous gifts of our anatomical donors that health professional trainees can receive highly advanced anatomical training. Our Fresh Tissue Lab, offers advanced dissection seminars for students, residents, as well as practicing healthcare professionals from a broad range of medical, dental, and allied health fields study.

    Willed Body Program Notice

    The Willed Body Program is currently closed to new enrollees. If you have any questions, please call 502-852-5744.

    In the News

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    • Fully supported PhD program with a focus in Neuroscience
    • Multiple recipients of National Research Service Awards
    • MS degree offered in Anatomical Sciences and Instruction
    • Average cadre of more than 40 PhD and MS students


    Departmental Associations

    • Home of Fresh Tissue Lab & Analytical Microscopy Core
    • Participating member of the School of Interdisciplinary& Graduate Studies and the MD/PhD Program

    Departmental Brochure

    2013 Brochure about the Department of Anatomical Sciences and NeurobiologyRead Brochure: overview of the Department of Anatomical Sciences and Neurobiology

    Spring 2020 Seminars in Neuroscience

    Download schedule of upcoming seminars