Study Abroad

A handful of Brandeis students spent their Spring Break in Belize, along with Dean Susan Duncan, to work on restorative justice projects.Some Brandeis students spend their spring break in Belize to work on restorative justice projects.

Global events are broadening the legal dimensions of commerce, employment, finance, civil liberties, family relationships, regulation of markets, delivery of health care, sustainable economic development, public administration, and a host of other subjects formerly viewed from the narrow perspectives of local, state, or national law. The Louis D. Brandeis School of Law is preparing students to enter a global profession, and is assisting the profession in meeting its global responsibilities.

Brandeis provides a curriculum enriched by international and comparative law offerings; a diverse array of exchanges with other law schools around the world; and a record of participation in programs for legal reform and training of lawyers and judges in foreign countries.The law school has developed relationships with certain foreign law schools and students who study abroad at these partner schools may qualify for a tuition or other advantage. Students are also free to arrange for study at non-partner institutions.

Students may take up to 30 hours at an ABA-approved program of foreign law study and enroll for one or two semesters. Students must obtain permission from the foreign host school; a faculty contact at the host school must be provided; and the curriculum and proposed course of study must be approved by the Assistant Dean for Student Services . While international course work is generally elective in nature, the perspective requirement may be met through international course work.

Current Exchange Partners:

  • Universite de Montpellier (France)
  • University of Leeds (UK)
  • University of Luxembourg
  • Queens University Belfast

International Opportunities

Students are exposed to a global faculty through teaching and research exchange opportunities with law schools in England, France, Luxembourg, and Ireland. The law school also offers a number of courses focused on international legal issues complemented by guest lecturers and visiting professors from law schools around the world.

The curriculum includes courses in International Law, English Legal System, European Union Law, International Business Transactions, Comparative Law, Immigration Law, and Contemporary Problems in International Law (featuring presentations by faculty members from foreign law schools). Through its connection with the Muhammad Ali Center for Peacemaking and Conflict Resolution at the University of Louisville, the Brandeis School of Law can also provide opportunities for students to gain international perspectives in Negotiation and Dispute Resolution courses.

International Scholarship Opportunities

The Department of Education also offers Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship grants to professional students. FLAS Fellowships offer students the chance to study a language for one year (generally, though not exclusively, those spoken outside of Western Europe) in an eight-week intensive summer immersion setting at one of many universities in the U.S. All expenses are paid: tuition, room, and board. You could apply to go back the next summer for another intensive course, or alternatively pursue an advanced-level Critical Language Scholarship, Graduate Boren Fellowship, or Fulbright grant to the country in which the language is spoken.

Other International Opportunities

In addition to the law school's international partnerships, Brandeis is also offering more opportunities for students who want to explore global law schools for a shorter amount of time. During Spring Break and Winter Break, Professor Shelley Santry and Brandeis students have traveled to Belize and the Philippines.These trips are part of UofL's International Service Learning Program's annual trip to Belize.

Professor John Cross has taken a handful of Brandeis students to study in Croatia the last few summers in a joint program with Michigan State College of Law.