5th Annual Study Abroad Program in Panama

Program Director: Professor Berta Calvert

“As the first study abroad experience for me I could not have been happier that it was the Panama Program!”
-Stephanie Olds

“Panama helped me respect new cultures. I had ample opportunities to Practice my Spanish, and I became enlightened to the importance of learning a new language.”
-Adam Colvin

“The trip to Panama has provided me with a different outlook on life…I feel that I am now more open and accepting to new and different cultures, and I am aware of how important it is to learn as much as possible about different cultures…”
-Amber Denman

“The most important aspect of Panama was simply experiencing the culture; food, dancing, religion, education, etc. This program allowed me to discover how much I enjoy learning Spanish and how much I desire to serve the Hispanic community. The community service project helped me to consummate that idea.”
-Tiffany Evans

“My favorite part about the trip was seeing the country. We took several excursions to different beaches, islands, a rainforest… It was exciting to see something that you cannot normally find here in the States.”
-Angie Foster

“Learning about Panama and its culture while living in Panama City, I also learned much about the U.S. culture. Gaining such a personal view of cultural similarities and differences has opened my eyes to a portion of what immigrants and refugees must experience as they begin their lives in a new country.”
-Joseph Frey

“Other than graduating, studying abroad was my main goal upon entry to U of L one year ago. Panama provided me with much more that what my dreams could have created and words cannot express my gratitude for having received such an opportunity.”
-Jason Hall

“One of my first lessons in Panama was a refresher course in patience. Like many countries in the Hispanic World, Panama has a different attitude about time. It is more relaxed….I feel more peaceful and tranquil after taking it all in.”
-Douglas (Scott) Howard

“The trip to Panama was amazing and was everything I had hoped for and then some. The city was phenomenal and offered a sense of a completely urban and modern environment in Central America.”
-Steven McDonald

“I think Panama City carries with it a true form of humanity. Everyone is struggling to make a living but not at the cost of other people. You will find people from all over the world living in Panama.”
-Minh Nguyen