Faculty and Staff

Tribute to Dr. Clarence Talley, Founding Member of LALS

The Latin American and Latino Studies Faculty is comprised of professors from a number of different departments. Listed below are the names of faculty members who teach courses that fulfill LALS requirements and other individuals who support the LALS Program.

The * indicates members of the LALS Steering Committee

Rhonda Buchanan

*Rhonda Dahl Buchanan

Director of Latin American and Latino Studies
Professor of Spanish
Department of Classical and Modern Languages

Room/Building: 306 Stevenson Hall
Phone: 502-852-2034
Email:Dr. Buchanan

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*Julie Bunck

Department of Political Science

302 Ford Hall
Phone: 502-852-1659
Email:Dr. Bunck

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Dr. Tricia Gray

*Tricia Gray

Associate Professor
Department of Political Science

Room/Building: 209 Ford Hall
Phone: 502-852-3309

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Dr. Lisa Markowitz

*Lisa Markowitz

Associate Professor

Room/Building: 239 Lutz Hall
Phone: 502-852-2426
Email:Dr. Markowitz

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Dr. Katherine Massoth

*Katherine Massoth

Assistant Professor
Department of History

Room/Building: Gardiner Hall 103D
Phone: (502) 852-3704
Email: Dr. Massoth

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*Manuel Medina

Professor of Spanish
Department of Classical and Modern Languages

Room/Building: Humanities 329
Phone: 502-852-0501

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Sarah Nunez

*Sarah Nuñez

Assistant Director for Hispanic/Latin@ Initiatives
Cultural Center

Phone: 502-852-0230
Email:Ms. Nuñez

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Dr. Theresa Rajack-Talley

*Theresa Rajack-Talley

Associate Professor
Department of Pan-African Studies

Room/Building: 448 Strickler Hall
Phone: 502-852-4192
Email:Dr. Rajack-Talley

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Dr. Brenda Ortiz-Loyola

Brenda Ortiz-Loyola

Part-Time Lecturer of Distance Education Courses
Latin American and Latino Studies Program

Email: Dr. Ortiz-Loyola

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Mr. Ben Ruiz

*Adolfo (Ben) Ruiz

Creative Director & CEO
Adhawks Advertising & Public Relations, Inc.

Phone: 502-589-3229
Phone: 502-558-7083 Ext. 14


Enid Trucios Haynes

Brandeis School of Law

Room/Building: 250 Brandeis School of Law
Phone: 502-852-7694

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Dr. Margath Walker

Margath Walker

Assistant Professor
Department of Geography and Geosciences

Room/Building: 215 Lutz Hall
Phone: 502-852-2694

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*Cecilia Yappert

Department of Chemistry

Room/Building: 138 Chemistry Building
Phone: 502-852-5976

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*Lorena Miller

Doors to Hope (http://doorstohope.com/)

Phone: 502-384-4673
Email: lorena@doorstohope.com

Maria Shields

Student Program Assistant              
LALS Club President
Public Health, Biology, and LALS Major


Room/Building: 304 Stevenson Hall
Email: Maria Shields

Jake the LALS Therapy Dog

Jake the LALS Therapy Dog

Jake Max Zachary Buchanan has received training to become a certified therapy

dog. His duties at the LALS Offices (Stevenson Hall 304-306, and 401) where he

can be found nearly every day of the week, is to lower the stress of the LALS

students, and the staff and faculty who work on the third floor of Stevenson Hall.

He is also quite effective at recruiting new students to the program, especially

during his visits to the LALS Tranquility Garden on the northwest side of Stevenson

Hall. He takes his job seriously and is always ready to greet everyone with a kiss and

a wag of the tail.