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The 9th Annual A&S Study Abroad Photo Contest

The Arts & Sciences Office of Advising and Student Services, and our co-sponsors at Murphy's Camera, invite you to participate in the 9th Annual Study Abroad Photo Contest!

This is an opportunity for you to share your study abroad travel experiences and memories while also showcasing your skills as a photographer! We're certain that many of you have taken wonderful photos of your travels and hope that you will be willing to share these with the rest of the UofL campus community.

Eligibility to Enter: Any Undergraduate A&S student who has studied abroad with/through the University of Louisville during the Spring 2015, Summer 2015, or Fall 2015 semesters.

Photo Contest Rules:

  • Maximum number of photos submitted for the contest is 3 per student. (Not ALL photos will be used. When submitting, please rank order of preference for display purposes.)
  • Each photo must be submitted in electronic form, (.jpeg or .gif file) on a disc (to Gardiner Hall, 1st floor), or as an email attachment to
  • Photographs may be black-and-white or color, but should not be heavily edited or processed.
  • Please submit the following information with each photo:
    • Name, Student ID number, and your UofL major(s)
    • Study Abroad program you participated in, City and Country, and Semester spent abroad
    • Give a title or brief description for each of your photos including where and when it was taken

Subject Matter: The only restriction is that your photo(s) capture an experience or record an observation abroad, not necessarily limited to your program site. The photo may capture a number of different subjects, themes, or styles. Note: Due to the nature of the contest, these photos must be taken BY you, not OF you!

Deadline: ALL submissions are due by 5pm, Friday, March 11, 2016. Contest participation is only guaranteed to the first 50 students who submit.

Important Advisory: All forwarded materials and photo submissions become the property of the College, which will enjoy full rights of display and circulation (with attribution to the photographer). If you submit a photograph, it is understood that you have granted this right. By submitting this photo, you state it is your work and free of copyright elsewhere.

Previous Contest Winners

1st place submission: Colores de Panamá by Samantha R. Schaefer (Panamá City, Panamá)

-    Samantha R. Schaefer is a junior English major and Spanish minor who participated in the annual Panamá Study Abroad Program in 2014.
-    Photographer’s description: “Each area of Panama varies in culture and lifestyle, but every place you go is full of color! There is never a dull moment in this country, because there is always life on the streets, in the mountains, and in the water. The scene here shows the territory of Colon with a Panamanian transporter, berthing his motor boat into Isla Grande after dropping off passengers to Isla Mamey (which is less than a mile across the Caribbean Sea). Three different bodies of water surround the Panamanian isthmus -- the Atlantic, Pacific, and Caribbean. The waters are crystal clear, the seafood is delightful, and the locals are extremely welcoming.”
-    Judge’s comments: “Best of the landscape photos, great colors” and “The boats and the colors really exemplify the study abroad experience.”
-    Prize: A $100 gift certificate to Murphy’s Camera and a $50 gift card towards a photo book of her travels


2nd place submission: Africa in Blue – Ayla Townsend (Chefchaouen, Morocco)

-    Ayla Townsend is a senior Spanish major who studied in Api Seville, Spain in the Fall of 2014
-    Photographer’s description: “I took this photo in wonderful Chefchaouen where they paint the entire city blue as a natural air conditioner. We were on a guided tour by a man wearing a djellaba, the traditional Moroccan robe, when we came across this door that instantly grabbed my attention.”
-    Judge’s comment: “I was particularly struck first by the color and then the composition.  The curve of the wall on the left leading into the slightly opened door.  I have always been fascinated with doors and what they represent.  A new beginning, a glimpse into the future…”
-    Prize: A $75 gift certificate to Murphy’s Camera

3rd place submission: Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe - Genevieve Mills (Berlin, Germany)

-    Genevieve Mills is a senior double majoring in English and French. She participated in the Montpellier Year-Long Sister-Cities Exchange, in Montpellier, France, for the 2013-14 school year. This was a side trip to Berlin, Germany in April, 2014.
-    Also caught the eye of two of the judges: “Love the Grey tones between the memorial & the jacket.” “I like the mystery of this photo. The light is soft and adds to the mystery. The fact that we're seeing the back of a person takes it out of the realm of "travel" photo. The composition is good, using the "rule of thirds", instead of placing the subject in the center. The photo has me asking. ‘What's going on here?" I like that. There's a story here. There's a painterly quality to the photo.
-    Prize: A $50 gift certificate to Murphy’s Camera

For additional information about the Study Abroad Photo Contest please contact Marissa Williams at or (502) 852-5502.

Are you interested in doing study abroad?

The first thing you should do is visit the International Center for information about the basics of planning a study abroad semester, summer, or year.


Study Abroad Photo Contest Submission 2012

You should plan your experience about a year prior to the time you would like the study abroad to take place.  The Study Abroad Office can help you pick out what classes are available at your intended location.  The next step (in terms of course work) is to have the faculty advisor in that area (i. e. French faculty advisor if it is a French language class) sign off on your form indicating how the course transfers to U of L.  After you have that information - please visit the A&S Advisor assigned to your major to find out how those classes will apply to your particular degree.
Please see for further information or call (502) 852-6602;
email us at:; or stop by at International Center, Brodschi Hall, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY 40292.

The International Center/ Study Abroad Office ( advises students on all third-party (managed outside of U of L) study abroad programs.  These offerings stretch from the short term summer and winter break programs, to semester and full year programs in universities around the world.
For additional information, please email Danielle Dolan or call (502) 852-5502.