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7th Annual A&S Study Abroad Photo Contest sponsored by Murphy’s Camera!

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2013-2014 Winners

The 2013-2014 Arts and Sciences Study Abroad Photo contest co-sponsored by Murphy’s Camera is now closed. We had a number of amazing submissions this year which made voting quite difficult for our judges. The study abroad photo contest has really grown over the past few years and it is really inspiring that so many students are participating in study abroad programs all over the world. Ideally, when other students see these photos, they will be inspired to start looking into all the wonderful opportunities to travel abroad available through the International Center, The Office for Civic Engagement, Leadership & Service, and various academic departments on campus. Students benefit from these experiences not only academically, but personally as well.

1st place submission: Little Patient – Phillipines Dental Clinic – DaJuan Edwards (Cebu, Phillipines)

-    During the Fall 2013 semester, DaJuan traveled to Cebu with other Communication majors as part of a service learning trip.  
-    Photographer’s description: “This little girl that was a patient at the dental clinic in at one of the school's we volunteered at in Cebu, Philippines. I captured two dental students comforting her about her fear of getting dental work on December 11, 2013”
-    Judge’s comments: “Captured the power of U of L's global community outreach” and “It strikes me as really having captured a moment. To me, it evokes the feeling of compassion, because I get the sense the two adults are very genuinely happy to be assisting the child. I think the black and white editing was an excellent choice here because the image is about the people and what’s happening between them as opposed to emphasizing, say, the pretty colors of the scenery.”
-    Prize: A $100 gift certificate to Murphy’s Camera and a $50 gift card towards a photo book of his travels


2nd place submission: Sahara to Sundown – Ben Rathnow (Sahara Desert, Morroco)

-    Photographer: Ben Rathnow, Senior Anthropology major and Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies minor
-    ISA- Studied in Meknes, Morocco
-    Photographer’s description: “I took this photograph turned around while riding a camel in the Sahara desert. The sun was scorching and the temperature was well over 100 degrees. It was taken in July in the middle of Ramadan. I took a 9 hour non air conditioned bus ride from Meknes with these fellas to get to this southern tip of Morocco where the Sahara begins. We camped out in the desert that evening.”
-    Judge’s comment: “It right away made me imagine myself being in the scenario pictured, out in the vast desert… it seems to imply a story and makes me want to know more. We can see for miles behind them but where are they headed? The shadows look like the sun is going down… are they almost to their destination? All that open desert struck a chord with the adventure-seeking side of me!”
-    Prize: A $75 gift certificate to Murphy’s Camera


3rd place submission: The Market - Kathryn Harrington (Cusco, Peru)

-    Photographer: Kathryn Harrington, Junior Fine Arts Major with a minor in Communication
-    She traveled abroad to Peru with the University of Louisville Women’s Center in the Summer of 2013.
-    Photographer’s description: This photo was taken in Cusco, Peru at a local market where produce, meat, clothing and jewelry etc. can be bought.
-    Also caught the eye of one of the judges: “Loved the narrow depth of field - showed an understanding of photography - also has elements of the culture and traditions.”

-    Prize: A $50 gift certificate to Murphy’s Camera

For additional information, please contact Danielle Dolan at or (502) 852-5502.

The first thing you should do is visit the International Center for information about the basics of planning a study abroad semester, summer, or year.

Study Abroad Photo Contest Submission 2012

You should plan your experience about a year prior to the time you would like the study abroad to take place.  The Study Abroad Office can help you pick out what classes are available at your intended location.  The next step (in terms of course work) is to have the faculty advisor in that area (i. e. French faculty advisor if it is a French language class) sign off on your form indicating how the course transfers to U of L.  After you have that information - please visit the A&S Advisor assigned to your major to find out how those classes will apply to your particular degree.

Please see for further information or call (502) 852-6602;
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The International Center/ Study Abroad Office ( advises students on all third-party (managed outside of U of L) study abroad programs.  These offerings stretch from the short term summer and winterbreak programs, to semester and full year programs in universities around the world.

For additional information, please email Danielle Dolan or call (502) 852-5502.