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The 9th Annual A&S Study Abroad Photo Contest

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The Arts & Sciences Office of Advising and Student Services, and our co-sponsors at Murphy's Camera, are pleased to announce the winners of the 9th Annual Study Abroad Photo Contest!


1st Place: Eiserner Steg über Main, Germany by Caitlyn Bowyer

Caitlyn Bowyer is a Senior Humanities major who traveled with the Kentucky Institute for International Studies (KIIS) Austria-Bregenz trip.

Photographer's Description: "This bridge is one of the walking bridges Frankfurt, Germany. Eiserner Steg was built in 1868 and was actually bombed during the end of WW2, it was fixed shortly after and was fully renovated in the early 90's. It's absolutely beautiful, the little bit of graffiti combined with the locks draped across the bridge were just, different and really seemed to show the attitude and demeanor of Frankfurt - as this is widely regarded as 'not a tourist city'."

Judge's Comments: "There is a feeling of being drawn into the photograph. Also, the way the bridge divides the picture plane into sections is fascinating." "Sharp photo, excellent composition, good use of landscape and architecture." "I felt drawn in immediately upon viewing this image. There is much to be seen here - after first glance, I continued to go back and notice more and more interesting details within this photo. The ultra wide angle gives an excellent perspective of the bridge."

Prize: $100 Gift Certificate to Murphy's Camera and $50 Gift Card towards a photo book of her travels.

sand dunes

2nd Place: Sahara Desert, Morocco by Diana Lalata

Diana Lalata is a Senior English and Political Science major, who traveled with the McConnell Study Abroad Program.

Photographer's Description: "This photo was taken in the Sahara Desert, Morocco. Our Moroccan tour guides offered to wake our tent at 5:30am to watch the sunrise. We walked along multiple sand dunes to find the perfect one just in time to sit and see the orange sun peak over the horizon and light up the sky."

Judge's Comments: "The footprints in the sand are interesting because they tell a story and beg the questions of who was there and where did they go? There is a nice balance between the footprints, the waves of sand, and the smooth downside of the hill."

Prize: $75 Gift Certificate to Murphy's Camera.

boy next to sign

3rd Place (A&S Staff/Faculty Choice): Boy, South Africa by Kelsi Wermuth

Kelsi Wermuth is a Junior Fine Arts major (2D Studio), who traveled with Cultural Experiences Abroad (CEA).

Photographer's Description: "This was taken in the township we did a lot of volunteer work in.  It really gave us a sense of post-apartheid life in South Africa and the socio-economic issues that continue to exist in the Rainbow Nation.  His expression says it all."

Judge's Comments: This photo also caught the eye of one of our judges, who liked the "photojournalist style" of the image.

Prize: $50 Gift Certificate to Murphy's Camera.

Previous Contest Winners
boats in bay

Colores de Panamá by Samantha R. Schaefer (Panamá City, Panamá)


blue doors

Africa in Blue – Ayla Townsend (Chefchaouen, Morocco)


Jewish memorial

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe - Genevieve Mills (Berlin, Germany)

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