Checking your grades

Your unofficial transcript is in Ulink

You should check your grades on Ulink at the end of each semester.


Under the student services tab / registration column there is a link to pull up an unofficial transcript.  You should check your transcript and print out a copy for your files every semester.  Your semester grades will usually be fully complete by no later than 2 weeks after final exams.

If your final grades are different than you expected (or you changed your major to a very different field) you may want to re-evaluate your course selections for next semester.

Please keep in mind that if you did not pass certain classes this semester – you may want to re-take them and use repeat forms. Repeat forms remove the previous grade for a course from your GPA.  You can still see the first grade in the transcript, but it no longer counts against your GPA.  This is one of the quickest ways to raise your GPA in the short term.  If you took a pre-med science or pre-business class and have changed your intended major – you may want to talk to an advisor (852-5502) before repeating a class that you may no longer need.

How many repeat forms can you use? Four total throughout your entire undergraduate academic career at UofL.  If you feel you may have extenuating circumstances regarding your academic difficulties - please consult with your academic advisor about a plan of action.