Credit for Credits

The Credit for Credits program reduces the cost of earning a bachelor’s degree at the University of Louisville by offsetting tuition rate increases and rewarding progress that leads to graduation in four years.  Under the conditions and with the exceptions described below, the program provides a fixed tuition credit to students who earn thirty hours of academic credit in twelve months.  The university intends the program to continue indefinitely, but its conditions and requirements may change if circumstances change in the future.

This document answers frequently asked questions about Credit for Credits eligibility and award.  The university reserves the right to adjust details of the award process and distribution if technical reasons require such changes.  

1.    Am I eligible to participate in the Credit for Credits program?

  • Resident and non-resident undergraduate students working toward their first baccalaureate degree who earn 30 credit hours or more at UofL during an academic year (fall/spring/summer), who maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher and who have no financial holds on their account are eligible to participate in Credit for Credits.

2.    How much is the credit?

  • Meeting the program requirements during the 2016-17 academic year will earn a tuition credit of $526.  This dollar amount of the credit may be adjusted in later years.

3.    When will I receive the credit?

  • The university will apply the credit as anticipated financial aid to student tuition bills in the fall term of the academic year following the successful completion of the program’s annual requirements. For example, a student who earns 30 credit hours in the 2016-2017 academic year and meets the other criteria will receive a $526 credit on their fall 2017 tuition bill.

4.    What if I meet the Credit for Credits eligibility requirements but do not enroll for fall 2017?

  • The 2016-17 tuition credit will be available through the summer 2018 terms.  Students who earn the 2016-17 tuition credit but who do not return in fall 2017 term will receive the credit if they enroll for spring or summer 2018.  The 2016-17 tuition credit will expire if not applied to a 2017-18 tuition bill.

5.    Can I get the credit in cash?

  • No.  The Credit for Credits program reduces the tuition amount owed; it does not return cash to students.  Students who pay their tuition bills in full before the tuition credit is applied will be reimbursed for their excess payment.

6.    If I meet the 2016-17 Credit for Credits criteria and have other full-tuition support from university funds in 2017-18, will I get the program’s tuition credit as well?

  • No. Students who receive one or more of the following benefits totaling their full tuition cost in 2017-18 will not receive an additional tuition credit under the program.

i.    Students (including student-athletes) who receive university aid or university-funded scholarships equal to the cost of tuition.
ii.    Students who receive full tuition remission.
iii.    Students who pay the active duty military rate.
iv.    Students who have a financial hold on their student account.

Exception:  The tuition credit will be given to students who (1) met the Credit for Credits requirements while receiving a listed benefit but who (2) are no longer receiving that benefit in the academic year during which the credit is applied.

7.    What if I take a semester off?

  • Continuous enrollment is not required, but students must still earn 30 UofL credit hours in an academic year to be eligible for the credit to be applied in the next academic year.

8.    Will transfer credits count toward my 30 credit hour total?

  • No.  Only hours earned at UofL will count toward the Credit for Credits program.  

9.    What about test credits (Advanced Placement, CLEP, IB, and Cambridge)?

  • Only credit hours earned at the University of Louisville will count toward the 30 credit hour threshold.

10.   If I study abroad for a semester, will those credit hours count?

  • Students who plan to study abroad should write in advance to for specific information.

11.   I am a Speed School student and have a full-time co-op during a semester. How many credit hours will count toward the 30-credit hour threshold?  

  • Speed School students who participate in a full-time co-op pay for one credit hour, so one credit hour will count toward the 30 credit hour threshold.

12.   I will graduate in 2016-17.  Does Credit for Credit benefit me?

  • Students who graduate, regardless of the number of undergraduate hours earned during the academic year, are eligible for a one-time tuition credit if they continue enrollment at UofL in a graduate program or first-professional degree program (dentistry, law or medicine) for the following year when the tuition credit is applied.   Credit for Credits applies only to hours earned for a bachelor’s degree.

13.   Do I have to apply to receive the tuition credit?

  • No application is required.

14.   How will I know if I received the credit?

  • The credit will show as anticipated financial aid until it is actually credited to your bill with the Bursar. It will show in the academic year after it was earned.

15.   Is there a minimum GPA that I must maintain?

  • Yes. Students must maintain a 2.0 cumulative grade point average to qualify for the credit.  Students who are not in academic good standing in an academic unit are still eligible for the program if they maintain the university minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0.

16.   How many times can I receive the credit?

  • Undergraduate students can receive the annual credit no more than four times.

17.   I have other questions about the Credit for Credits program. Whom should I contact?

  • All questions about Credit for Credits should be sent by e-mail  to