Live Video Chat

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black and white outline of a computer screen with a camera attached at the top and a stick figure on the screenA live video chat is similar to an in-person appointment. You and your writing consultant will talk in real-time about your writing. 


How to Schedule a Live Video Chat

  1. Log in to the Virtual Writing Center schedule. If you are a new user, you will be prompted to register.
  2. Click a white (available) appointment box and select "live video chat."
  3. Complete the form with detailed information about your course, assignment, and concerns.
  4. Upload documents at the bottom of the form. We encourage you to upload a PDF or Word Document with the assignment's instructions and/or your draft, but it is not required. Your consultant will not read any documents until your appointment’s start time. 

How to get started with your appointment

  1. Join your live video chat: At your appointment’s start time, go to the scheduling website, sign in, click on your (green) appointment. Click the link to “join” the session. A virtual workspace will appear in a new window.
  2. Talk with your consultant: You can video, audio, and/or text chat with a writing consultant. You will need to download a browser application to use all the features. The workspace also includes a whiteboard where you can import your draft for discussion, review, and mark-up. Your consultant can help you with these features. 
  3. Return to your appointment: Our schedule will save your work on the whiteboard; you can return to the consultation link as often as you like during the semester.
  4. Technical issues?: If you experience technical issues, we recommend that you exit out of the workspace and join the chat from a different browser. We have found that Google Chrome works well, but Safari does not. If you need or prefer a different chat platform, ask your consultant during your live chat or contact us at or 502-852-2173. 

What if I need to... 

Reschedule, cancel, or edit my appointment? 
After logging in, click on your appointment on the schedule (it will appear bright green). You can move the appointment to an another available time, cancel the appointment, and/or upload new documents. You can also call or email us (; 502-852-2173). 

Use a different chat platform? 

If you prefer to use Microsoft Teams instead of WCOnline, our default platform, type "Teams" in the "learning needs" question at the bottom of your appointment form, or call, or email us (; 502-852-2173). At your appointment time, log into Teams with your UofL credentials. 


  • All appointments are a maximum of 50 minutes and back-to-back appointments are not allowed. 
  • Writers may schedule up to two virtual appointments per week.
  • Writers can book ahead up to 21 days in advance. 
  • Writers must discuss their own writing and schedule an appointment using their own WCOnline account. 
  • If you have questions or concerns about an appointment, contact the University Writing Center at 502-852-2173 or Students, faculty, and staff should not contact consultants directly.