Dissertation Writing Retreats

The University Writing Center will host its 4th annual Dissertation Writing Retreat from May 18, thru May 22, 2015.  We encourage all writers currently working on their dissertations to apply. In past Retreats, we have worked with writers representing a range of disciplines from Engineering to Social Work to Humanities.  Some of these writers had just begun writing, some were in the middle of their writing projects, and others were near the end stage and trying to finish.  All benefited from the experience as they made progress on their dissertations and left with a set of strategies for keeping their momentum.  At this year’s Retreat, writers will write for several hours each day; take part in short, writing the dissertation-related workshops; and work with a writing consultant for an hour each day.  The Retreat’s consultants are experienced writing teachers who are also PhD students currently working on their dissertations.  Each participant in the Retreat will be paired with the same consultant for the entire week.

The Dissertation Writing Retreat is organized by the University Writing Center with support from the School of Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies. The Retreat will take place in the University Writing Center in the Ekstrom Library and will include lunch and snacks.  There is no fee for participating.  The Retreat will be held on May 18th thru May 22nd, 8 AM to 4 PM daily. Participants must be willing to attend the entire week.

Applications are due by April 1st.

Any questions about the Retreat can be directed to Adam Robinson.  Adam can be contacted at 502-852-2173 or via email at writing@louisville.edu.

To apply, participants must submit the following items:
1.    A letter written by the writer stating his or her reason for applying for the Retreat,
2.    A letter of support written by the writer’s advisor/director,
3.    Any documents related to the dissertation (i.e. drafts, proposals, etc.).