Meet Our Staff

Bronwyn T. Williams

Director - Sabbatical Spring 2022

I love to write and to teach writing and I am delighted to have the opportunity to work in the University Writing Center. Writing is the way we connect our ideas, emotions, and lives with one another. It is essential to the intellectual life and to communicating our common humanity. As a teacher I believe that the only way to teach effectively is to listen carefully to what students have to say and work with their writing so it expresses their ideas, not ours. Our goal as writing teachers is to help students develop a rhetorical awareness that will allow them to negotiate the unfamiliar writing and reading situations they encounter both inside the university and beyond. I also believe that writing can be pleasurable and fulfilling, even as it is hard work. I have had a broad range of teaching experiences in composition and rhetoric, literature, creative writing, popular culture, and journalism. I have also recently published a book, Literacy Practices and Perceptions of Agency: Composing Identities, that includes research that took place at the University Writing Center. My individual webpage has more information about my scholarship and my teaching.

Cassie Book

Acting Director

Cassie holds a PhD in English from Old Dominion University, an MA in English with a graduate certificate in Latin American and Latino Studies from UofL, and a BA in English and Spanish from Butler University. Cassie’s dissertation studied the developing teaching practices and identities of six students pursuing their MA degree in English while they both worked as writing consultants and taught in writing classrooms. Her research affirmed the importance of communities of practice, quality mentoring, and active reflection for developing teachers and budding professionals. As such, her research interests intersect with multiple topics in Rhetoric and Composition, including writing programs, professional and technical writing, tutor development, graduate student enculturation, graduate education, and feminist research methodologies. Cassie has nine years of experience working in writing centers, and her favorite part of her job is (still) being amidst a center buzzing with conversation about writing! When she's not working in the writing center or teaching first-year writing, she enjoys sitting on her front porch, running, cooking, gardening, and traveling. Recently, she's taken up rollerblading. 

Maddy Decker

Program Assistant, Senior

Maddy holds an MA in English from UofL and a BA in English and anthropology from the University of Kentucky, and she is now pursuing an MFA in creative writing from Eastern Kentucky University. Her creative work has been featured in Shale and The Kentucky Kernel’s literary magazine. Maddy has three years of writing center experience and loves helping writers build skills, confidence, and an enjoyment of writing. Outside of the writing center, she enjoys reading thrillers, watching The X Files, and keeping up with world archeology news. Her favorite book is Cornelia Funke’s The Thief Lord

Liz Soule

Liz Soule

Assistant Director

Liz is a second-year Ph.D. student in Rhetoric and Composition. She graduated from Salem State University with a B.S. in Education and a B.A. in English, and received her M.A. in English from UofL. Having served as a consultant throughout the entirety of her master’s program, Liz is thrilled to be able to share her knowledge with writers and consultants alike. She views building support systems within the Writing Center as essential to its function. Her research interests are rooted in writing center and composition studies, more specifically writing in the disciplines, first-year composition and graduate student education. Outside of academia, Liz enjoys cooking, swimming and fostering orphaned kittens for the local humane society. 

Olalekan Adepoju

Assistant Director for Graduate Student Writing

Olalekan, a Nigerian, is a PhD student in the Composition and Rhetoric program of the Department of English, University of Louisville. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in English Education and Master of Arts degree in English from University of Ilorin, Nigeria and University of Ibadan, Nigeria respectively. His research interests lie primarily in discourse analysis, ESL teaching, writing pedagogy, and sociolinguistics among others. He has continued to pursue these interests by publishing peer-reviewed papers on the subject and other issues of academic interest to him. He is currently a graduate teaching assistant at the University of Louisville where he guides students to identify and appreciate their writing processes and utilize such to improve on their writing skills.

Michael Benjamin

Assistant Director

Michael is a second-year PhD student in Rhetoric and Composition. He received his BA and MA in English from St. John’s University. While at St. John’s University, Michael worked as a graduate assistant in the University Writing Center. He has also taught English in Slovakia as a Fulbright Fellow and taught first-year composition at multiple universities across New York. His current research interests include critical pedagogy, popular culture, writing center studies and cultural rhetorics. When he isn’t being a nerd, Michael enjoys contemporary hip hop, food, anything Queens, New York-related, and pro basketball and football.

Todd Richardson

Assistant Director

Todd is a first-year PhD candidate studying Rhetoric and Composition. He earned his Bachelor of Arts and his Master of Arts degrees in the field of History at Texas State University. Later, he earned his Master of Fine Arts degree from SNHU’s Mountainview MFA Program with a concentration in Creative Nonfiction. His research interests include archival research, health narratives, disability studies, and writing center studies. When he’s not studying, he enjoys grilling, playing with his daughter, and gardening. 

Kylee Auten

Kylee, a Louisville native, is an M.A. student interested in children’s literature, American literature, and contemporary fiction. She completed her B.A in English at the University of Louisville in 2020. In her free time, Kylee enjoys reading for pleasure, cross stitching, re-watching Parks and Recreation, and spending time with her dog, Merlin. 

Zoë Donovan

Zoë is a first-year Master’s GTA student and earned their bachelor’s degree in Journalism for Public Affairs Reporting from Eastern Illinois University. They spent time working as a reporter and columnist at the Daily Eastern News, and could be heard weekly on Hit-Mix 88.9 WEIU. Before Eastern, Zoë attended Lake Land Community College in Mattoon, Illinois, while there they worked as Editor-In-Chief of the student newspaper, the Navigator News. They are interested in pursuing creative writing and are looking forward to working within the writing center to help their fellow students grow and develop as writers. Originally from rural Illinois they look forward to further exploring the city and campus. In their free time, Zoë likes hiking, reading just about anything they can get their hands on, and writing short stories with a dash of magical realism.   

Curtis Ehrich

Curtis is a MA student whose research interest primarily include pre-Renaissance literature, the works of Tolkien, and Linguistics. Outside his coursework, Curtis defines his personality with three things: Star Wars, video games, and table top role-playing games. While his favorite book is Harper Lee’s classic novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, he generally prefers to escape into other worlds via fantasy and science-fiction, and enjoys writing stories in worlds of his own creation as well.


Tobias Lee

Tobias is a Ph.D. candidate in rhetoric and composition.  His background is in English language teaching, specifically English for academic purposes, having taught for thirteen years in universities across southeast Asia and the Arabian Peninsula, most recently in Qatar.  His research interests lie mainly in the areas of transnational composition, translingualism, and the political economy of composition.  He still puts two spaces after periods, and if he's not studying, he's probably on a bike ride.

Eli Megibben

Eli is a first-year English MA student. She earned her BA in English from Bellarmine University where she also spent five years working in various positions at the Writing Center. Her research interests include personal narratives, creative fiction and nonfiction, diaspora studies, multilingual writing, and decolonization studies

Brice Montgomery

Brice is a first year MA student with a background in Applied Linguistics. Prior to attending the University of Louisville, he taught in a large ESL program and developed a joy for helping students find their written voice in a second language. He is passionate about linguistic accessibility in writing pedagogy, and his research interests include translingual literature and migration narratives. During his free time, he is usually baking something and wondering why it didn’t rise properly. 


Derrick Neese

Derrick is a GTA at UofL focusing on creative writing and queer-centric literature. Their writing pivots toward literary and speculative fiction, with a particular fondness for the short story. With over fifteen years of culinary experience, Derrick’s stories often touch on themes of working-class struggle, morality, loss, addiction, and hope.  

Ben Poe

Ben is a MA student in the English department. He focuses most of his academic attention on studying African American and environmental literature but has an interest in researching the significance of community and collaboration in tutoring facilities. Ben graduated from the University of Louisville with a bachelor’s degree in English. During his undergraduate education, he tutored at Jefferson Community and Technical College for three years. Ben mainly tutors writing, but has experience tutoring a wide variety of subjects, as well as assisting in the operating procedures of a community college tutoring department. He has also tutored student athletes at the University of Louisville and co-authored a published research article on Covid-19’s impact on community college tutoring facilities.   

Justin Sturgeon

Justin is from Horse Cave, KY and earned his BA in both Business with an HR emphasis and English from Lindsey Wilson College. His research interests stemming from previous projects on NBC’S Superstore, Collin’s Hunger Games Prequel, and Spiegelman’s MAUS includes a variety of different introspective, critical topics relating to trauma theory and cultural studies. Likewise, Justin is intrigued by classics, yet is also a firm believer in decolonizing the canon. In his free time, Justin enjoys bowling, tennis, Phase-10, and of course—reading. His favorite quote is, “The axe often forgets what the tree remembers.”   

Yuan Zhao

Yuan is a first year M.A. student in English from China. He earned his other M.A. degrees in English (literary studies) at Shanghai International Studies University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He used to work as a substation engineer in China, and later as an English teacher in Hong Kong. His current research interests include literary theory, narratology, rhetoric and composition.


Mikaela Smith

Student Assistant

Mikaela is a current junior CIS Major who has worked as a student assistant for the University Writing Center since her first year. Formerly hailing from the Philippines, she looks forward to interacting with people and helping others. Outside of work she enjoys cooking, playing video games, and skateboarding around with a certified degree in being accident-prone.