Feminist Social Justice Leadership LLC

 The Feminist Social Justice Leadership Living Learning Community is comprised of students who participate in structured learning experiences. Members of this residential community take one Cardinal Core class together in the Department of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies and attend different workshops, lectures and activities hosted by WGST faculty and Women’s Center staff throughout the year. Programming focuses on issues related to gender equity, social justice, feminism, and improving the status of women and LGBTQI+ individuals of all races, ethnicities, abilities and class backgrounds.

The Feminist Social Justice Leadership community provides support in areas including academic engagement, mentor support, peer connection, and student involvement.  In addition, the LLC assists students in developing relationships with faculty, staff, students and members of the local community who are involved in research, work and activism concerned with gender and sexual equity. To learn more about our living learning community...

Location: Belknap Residence Hall

Advisors: Jamieca Jones and Dr. Jabani Bennett

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Kelly Weaver

Who can apply?

  • This community is open to all first-year students of any year, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, faith, race, ethnicity, or ability.
  • Because gender inequality exists throughout society, in every discipline and professional pursuit, as well as across cultures, participants from any major are welcome. You do not have to be pursuing a degree in Women’s, Gender and Sexuality or be a member of a Women’s Center student group to live in this community, but participants will have the opportunity to attend department events and learn more about the WGSS discipline and degrees it offers and engage with the UofL Women’s Center.
  • All that is required is an interest in gender equity and social justice and a willingness to enroll in the required course and participate in programming and service opportunities.

What are the member benefits?

  • Opportunities to connect with the staff of the Women’s Center and faculty in Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies.
  • Informal gatherings to learn about services and campus resources
  • Programming designed to meet the needs and concerns of students who are interested in gender equity, social justice, feminism, and the well-being and advancement of women and LGBTQI+ people of all races, ethnicities, abilities and class backgrounds
  • Opportunities for peer networking, and connecting with faculty and staff and local partners
  • Access to membership and leadership training opportunities through the Women’s Center Student Groups.

Required Courses:

Fall: WGST 204, Digital Feminism (Cardinal Core-- SBD2) Explores how digital and online spaces get shaped by categories like sex,  race, gender, class and nation. 

Spring: WGST 202, Seeing Gender  (Cardinal Core-- AHD1 ) Considers how natural human activities of seeing and visualizing are gendered and explores the role that feminist theory and gender studies have played in challenging visual culture as a place of social interaction and social definition.